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Transferring hot air and chemicals through a fireplace flue is heavy-duty work. The use of improper chimney ducts can lead to complications such as; fire hazards, structural damage to the chimney, and hazardous materials and fumes coming back into the building. To handle the high temperature operating conditions, we recommend using heat resistant a stainless steel or an aluminum chimney duct. At, we have multiple flexible chimney pipe options to provide you with the necessary tools for safe and effective operation.

Corrosion is a serious issue that significantly reduces the lifespan of a fireplace flue. Fortunately, stainless steel and aluminum resist corrosion damage caused by moisture, chemicals, and fumes. Our stainless steel chimney ducts are an excellent long-term investment because they are resistant to chemicals and materials that would cause severe damage to clay and brick chimney ducts. Along with great resistance to corrosive materials, the stainless steel construction of some our hose materials is heat resistant up to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chimney Ducts


"Aluminum Flex 400" Hi-Temp Hoses

ID Sizes: 2" to 12"

Materials: Aluminum

Temp. Range: -100F to +400F

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"SS-Flex 800" Stainless Steel Hose

ID Sizes: 2" to 12"

Materials: Stainless Steel

Temp. Range: -400 F to +800 F

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"SSti-Flex 1650" Stainless Steel Hose

ID Sizes: 3" - 12"

Materials: 316Ti Stainless Steel

Temp. Range: up to 1650 F

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"Aluminum Connectors"

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"Bridge Clamps"

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"J-Lock Connectors" Quick Disconnect Hose Connectors

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"Screw Clamps"

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"Stainless Steel Connectors"

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With temperature resistance up 1650 degrees Fahrenheit, our stainless steel chimney ducts are perfect for the high temperature demands of chimney ventilation. Using a heat resistant fireplace flue is extremely important for the safety of fireplace operations as well as the integrity of the chimney structure itself. Using a flexible chimney duct that is made of stainless steel or aluminum protects you from the risk of costly structural damage to your chimney. An added benefit to our heat resistant flexible chimney liner is the metals’ excellent durability.

Our stainless steel and aluminum ducts are flexible and feature self-supported construction. This durable feature gives you the flexibility to bend and maneuver the hose to provide great airflow for your chimney, while at same time giving the chimney great stability and durability. These flexible chimney pipe products are also crush resistant, allowing them to be resistant to damage from external sources.

Whether you are looking for resistance to corrosive damage, heat resistance, or durability, our flex ducting makes a great fit for your chimney exhaust needs. Take a look at our online catalog of products to find the perfect flexible chimney liner. If you would like assistance on selecting the perfect product for you, give one of ducting specialists a call today!