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12 Inch Duct & Hose Products

12” duct is a general-purpose, popular diameter sizing of flex ducting that sees use in a variety of fields. Designed to act as a wide yet relatively maneuverable conduit for the transportation of both fumes and materials, 12” duct is used by industries of all kinds for its air handling, physical materials conveyance and fume movement capabilities. Whether it’s as fan ducting or pipe ducting, you are sure to find 12” duct in factories, farms, and other production facilities everywhere.

Thermoplastic Flex Medium duty duct is one extremely popular type of 12” duct sold by duct suppliers and performs exceptionally in multiple applications. Specifically, this 12 inch duct is used as heavy duty hose for transportation of abrasives in vacuuming and material handling situations. Furthermore, with a temperature resistance of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as a superior chemical resistance thanks to its thermoplastic construction, these pipe hoses can withstand a large amount of abuse without suffering a loss in quality. The combination of these attributes make thermoplastic Flex Medium 12 inch duct well-suited for use with materials of varying heats and chemical compositions. In addition, the smooth interior of this type of flex ducting means that they can transport air and material with minimal friction and as little loss of efficient air flow as possible. This specific type of flex ducting additionally comes with a durable wear strip installed along its length, meaning that your pipe hoses can withstand scrapes and rips along the entirety of their circumference.

Urethane Flex Medium duty duct hoses are another example of 12” duct that has become increasingly popular in several fields. The maneuverable and bendable polyurethane construction of these flexible hose pipes make them idyllic for use in vacuum and street sweeping applications. Their smooth and anti-kink interior and exterior surfacing allows them to easily absorb abrasive materials without risk of extra friction build-up or clogging. When combined with a high temperature resistance (of up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit), this type of 12 inch duct has become a staple of the abrasive and material handling industry. As an added benefit, because they are so easy to compress, these flex pipes can be stored and transported with ease.

A third type of 12” duct often seen in commercial fields everywhere is the PVC Flexduct light-duty vent hose which well-deservedly has a reputation as a superior air handling type of ventilation and fan ducting. Used extensively in situations as distinct as air conditioning flex hose to marine exhaust, PVE Flexduct is a stand-by of the ventilation industry thanks largely to its innate flexibility and steel spring helix durability. Typically available in clear material construction, this transparency benefits you – the consumer- because it allows you to observe the interior of your flex pipes to ensure that no contamination or clogging is taking place, and that everything is working as intended.

Be sure to consult with your local duct supply retailer prior to making any 12 inch duct purchasing decisions to make sure you are getting the right type of flex hose for your situation. Whichever specific styling you decide to purchase, however, know that you will be amazed by the quality, consistency, and durability of these flex hoses!