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"PVC Flexduct Light-Duty Blue" Flex Duct

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SKU: 01-W101
$99.50 to $801.00
$99.50 to $801.00

Lead Time 4-6 Weeks

Product Description

The “PVC Flexduct Light-Duty Blue” is a medium-weight blue PVC wall flex duct reinforced with a spring steel wire helix for industrial air movement and fume control applications. This flex duct provides great flexibility with tight bending characteristics and offers good chemical and moisture resistance. PVC duct materials have an amorphous structure with polar chlorine atoms in the molecular structure. Chemical stability is a common feature among PVC duct materials containing halogens, such as chlorine, making this PVC industrial duct chemically stable. For precise substance resistivity of this hose please refer to our Chemical Resistance Guide.

This is a general-purpose flex duct ideal for light material movement, non-abrasive dust, cost-conscious applications, and also as an air return duct. The “PVC Flexduct Light-Duty Blue” light-duty ducting has a working temperature range from -20 to +160 degrees Fahrenheit. Being made from PVC gives this lightweight hose excellent fatigue strength, tensile modulus, impact resistance, and bending strength. The “PVC Flexduct Light-Duty Blue” exhibits excellent life at cost efficient prices. This industrial duct is listed as UL 94V-0 flame retardant. PVC is an inherently fire resistant plastic, the only exception among the general-purpose plastics, because it contains more than 50% of chlorine. When PVC products are burned, hydrogen chloride gas resulting from thermal cracking slows down the continuous combustion reaction and prevents burning progress by warding off the PVC product surface from oxygen in the air.

The “PVC Flexduct Light-Duty Blue” is a light-duty hose option that is available in internal diameter sizes from 1.25” up to 24” ID. Metric sizes are also available. This large range of ID sizes provides you with a light-duty industrial hose that is accessible in almost any size! This light-duty industrial duct is available in blue in standard 25-foot and 50-foot sections with plain cut ends. If you have questions or need additional information about this air return duct, please do not hesitate to give one of our ducting specialists a call today.

Product Specifications

Construction:Light weight blue PVC wall hose construction reinforced with a spring steel wire helix.
Product Features:
  • Great flexibility with tight bending characteristics.
  • Good chemical and moisture resistance.
  • Good compressibility.
  • Excellent choice for ventilation applications, dust & fume removal.
  • Available in Metric sizes.
  • Listed as UL 94V-0 flame retardant.
Applications:Air, Dust, Fume.
Temperature Range:+20 F to +160 F
Sizes I.D. (inches):1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, & 24” I.D.
Sizes I.D. (Metric):60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 150, 175, 200, 250, & 300. Metric sizes are made to order.
ID Tolerances:To 8 inch I.D.: -0.00 to +0.125 Inch
8 inch and over: -0.00 to +0.250 Inch
Wall Thickness:.020 Inch
Standard Length:25 & 50 Feet.
Standard Colors:Blue.
End Finish:Plain Cut.
Markets:Agricultural, Air Duct Cleaning, Chemical Fumes, Clean Rooms, Duct Cleaning, Flame Retardant, Flight Simulators, Food Grade, Furnace Duct Cleaning, Limo A/C Duct, Meat Packing, Pet Grooming, Pharmaceutical, Pipe Organs, Pollution Control, Printing, R.V. Manufacturing, Stereo Speakers, Textile Mills, Welding

Volume Pricing

Pricing per Foot25 - 99 feet100 - 249 feet250 - 499 feet500+ feet
1.25" ID$3.72$3.24$3.07$2.79
1.5" ID$3.82$3.33$3.15$2.87
2" ID$3.98$3.46$3.28$2.98
2.5" ID$4.69$4.08$3.87$3.52
3" ID$5.52$4.8$4.55$4.14
3.5" ID$6.39$5.56$5.27$4.79
4" ID$6.47$5.63$5.33$4.85
5" ID$7.01$6.1$5.78$5.26
6" ID$7.43$6.46$6.13$5.57
7" ID$9.08$7.9$7.49$6.81
8" ID$10.39$9.04$8.57$7.79
10" ID$14.68$12.77$12.11$11.01
12" ID$16.02$13.93$13.21$12.01
14" ID$18.44$16.04$15.21$13.83
16" ID$23.42$20.37$19.32$17.56
18" ID$25.62$22.29$21.14$19.21

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