Ducting.com, a Rubber-Cal brand, is America’s trusted source of flexible hoses and industrial ducting for a wide variety of consumer and commercial needs. Our mission is to provide you with easily accessible information about all things ducting and to offer our customers outstanding products. At Ducting.com, we understand that our accomplishments are measured only by your success. A principle of our philosophy is that we are a living brand: our flexible-ducting products evolve with the needs of our customers. We are committed to delivering superior products that are durable and reliable. We have the largest flexible-ducting inventory in the country and stock almost all of our products on site, ensuring that your order is shipped within 24 hours of placement. Every one of our products also comes with a three-year warranty, ensuring that our customers receive the utmost value for their purchases.

We realize that the success of your business or project may very well depend on the high-quality products we offer. And we are here to help! Our expert staff located in Fountain Valley, California, are trained to educate our clients about our products and the options available for each application. This way, you, the end-user, can make a well-informed decision as to what flexible ducting product meets your expectations and budget. Our staff is here to deliver this promise prior to, during, and after your flexible-hose purchase.

Our parent company, Rubber-Cal Inc., is a leading purveyor of rubber products, including industrial sheet-rubber, street-sweeper parts, rubber mats and flooring, playground surfacing, and—of course—flexible ducting. We have been in business since 1994, fostering relationships within the ducting, coir-matting, and rubber industries that are founded on trust, merit, and a shared vision. Ducting.com whole-heartedly believes in living brands. Living brands are companies who refuse to remain stagnant. As the world changes, consumer demands invariably change. A living brand views these changes as opportunities, not obstacles. As a living brand, Rubber-Cal has carefully evolved its line of products, adjusting our goods toward the needs of our consumers—no matter how challenging this task can sometimes seem.

If you need custom-sized ductwork, Ducting.com can help. We have hoses with interior diameters (IDs) of up to 52” and can cut your hose to any specified length. And at your request, we will even attach cuffs to your hose—adjusted according to the hose’s custom-sized length and diameter. With an extensive history in the ducting industry, we understand how sensitive many industrial, commercial, and residential applications can be. Slight alterations may seem frivolous, but Ducting.com knows how important these changes can be: some projects succeed or fail depending on the accuracy of these specifications. Thus, we are committed to accommodating your ducting requirements, no matter how specific they may be. This is just another way in which we strive to maximize the value our customers receive. We want to earn our customers’ confidence and trust, first and foremost.

Our headquarters are located in Orange County, California, but we service the entire United States. We keep our products affordable with incredibly low shipping rates, no matter where you are located within the country. Whether you are looking for ventilation ducting, a food-grade hose, a dust-collection hose, portable-AC hoses, a fume-exhaust hose, or a street-sweeper hose, our goal is to offer you the highest level of quality possible, in both the shopping experience and the products themselves.

We offer over 1000 unique hoses for many applications. These applications include ambient-air transfer, material handling, high-temperature ventilation, exhaust ducting, and abrasive handling. To accommodate the various needs that accompany these applications, we offer a wide selection of hose materials: aluminum, fabric, fiberglass, elastomer, PVC, stainless-steel, Teflon, Nomex, and more. Each hose-material is best for a certain type of application, and we constantly stock hoses for any application that involves ductwork.

One such application is ambient-air transfer. Ambient air is the air that we breathe on a day-to-day basis: it is the mixture of oxygen, carbon dioxide, other gases, and aerosols that we normally inhale. For the most part, ambient air poses no threat to our health, and we usually manipulate it only for adjustments: we fine-tune the air around us to better accommodate our bodies’ homeostatic demands. Thus, ambient-air ducts include those which service heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Ducting.com offers a generous selection of ambient-air hoses. And as is the case with all of our hoses, we try to offer as many variations as possible for every type of hose. For example, we offer “Air Ventilator Orange Flexible Ducting,” “Air Ventilator Black Flexible Ducting,” “Air Ventilator Yellow Flexible Ducting,” and “Air Ventilator White Flexible Ducting,” each of which is a different color of the same type of hose. What’s more, this air-ventilator duct comes in a plethora of different interior-diameter sizes.

When it comes to transferring materials, material-handling hoses mainly transport non-abrasive objects, such as liquids and foodstuffs. At Ducting.com, we offer a large assortment of material hoses, including drain ducts, food-grade hoses, and duct-cleaning hoses. While all of our ducts and hoses are built with strength and efficiency in mind, we know that material-handling places especial importance on durability and flow. For this reason, we offer hoses such as the “Smooth-Tube PVC” flexible duct, which is extremely flexible—all while maintaining a smooth interior. This way, as materials are transferred through the hose, its smooth interior reduces the likelihood that the media clogs. This level of attention to detail is a baseline standard at Ducting.com: our wealth of experience within the ducting industry heavily informs the designs of our products.

High-temperature applications need hoses that can handle the heat. Ducting.com’s high-temperature hoses are made of materials specifically designed to withstand varying intensities of extreme temperature. For example, our “Smooth-Tube TPR” flexible hose is made of thermoplastic rubber, which can handle temperatures of up to 275° Fahrenheit! Like our other hoses, this one comes in multiple ID-sizes, too. We stock this hose in 9 different lengths: you can order it in one of our many pre-cut lengths or in a customized length.

Exhaust hoses are a staple of the ducting industry. Industrial applications often require heavy-duty exhaust ducts. At Ducting.com, we offer a myriad of different exhaust hoses—each one being uniquely tailored toward an intended application. For instance, our “SS-Flex 800” Stainless Steel Hose is built to withstand a wide temperature-range, which is a standard requirement of most industrial-exhaust hoses. Furthermore, it resists staining and corrosion, reducing the chances that the fumes it carries will damage its structure.

Many applications that require hoses work with abrasive materials. Hoses for wood-dust collection, vacuum cleaners, and street sweepers are just a few of the many categories of abrasive-handling hoses. For example, our “Aluminum Flex 400” semi-rigid hose is durable enough to handle the wear and tear of abrasive applications, yet is pliable enough to bend into any desired shape. This hose—and our other abrasive-handling ducts—come in many sizes and lengths, dimensions which can come either prefabricated or customized.

Semi-rigid hoses are malleable enough to bend into different shapes—but they are still rigid enough to stay in place once they are bent. Two of the hoses mentioned above, our “Aluminum Flex 400” and “SS-Flex 800,” are prime examples of semi-rigid ducting. These ducts are often used in industrial settings where machine movements may require the hose to bend at will. But, because these industrial hoses also need to be stable, semi-rigid ducting shines as an outstanding option for industrial ductwork.

Ducting.com also stocks highly flexible hoses, such as the “PE Flex Ultra Flexible” hose. Hoses like this are so durable and flexible that they can be tied into knots without worry that they will puncture. Projects that require a suction hose greatly benefit from the implementation of an extremely flexible hose, as they can twist and turn according to the layout of the places you intend to suction.

When it comes to the length of your hose, in some cases, a long section of ducting is not required. The “Klear Flex” hose is one of our many short-length hoses available for you to choose from. We can custom-cut this hose with cuffs and to very short lengths, a service which we extend to all of our products. And for European-made machinery, we even offer hoses cut in metric sizes. Get any hose custom-cut to your desired specifications, so you never have to buy what you do not need.

Of course, no ductwork is complete without a thorough set of hose accessories. Ducting.com offers ducting accessories to complement your hoses: Aluminum and stainless-steel connectors tightly adjoin two hoses together. Bridge and screw clamps secure hoses to your building’s fixtures or parallel to other hoses. And J-lock connectors can be easily disassembled for temporary ductwork-connections. Include one of our many ducting accessories as an add-on to your purchase; in the long run, they can spare you of expensive complications.

As we relaunch our website on an all-new platform, we are working to streamline and simplify your search for a quality, flexible hose. With competitive pricing and quick delivery across the United States, we are your go-to source for air ventilation, industrial exhausts, material handling, high-temperature ventilation, and abrasive applications. We make ourselves readily available for your online inquiries and phone calls every Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM PST. For a custom-sized hose, please call us. A ducting expert will craft you an order that precisely matches your specifications. Thank you for choosing Ducting.com as your trusted partner in commercial, residential, and industrial ducting. We look forward to helping you fulfill your ducting needs.

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