Agricultural Hose

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Here are some of the specific ways in which farms, ranches, and other agriculture facilities utilize agricultural hose to great effect. Primarily, flex ducts are used to transport abrasive materials (such as horse/cattle feed, grain, and even manure). Additionally, agricultural hose is, as noted, regularly utilized to ventilate barns, coops, and other areas where keeping the air quality safe and breathable is vital. Finally, agricultural house is often used as collection duct wherein it is affixed to reaping machines and used to funnel grains and other products into awaiting storage vessels.

When looking to provide fresh air to your livestock pens or greenhouses, our PVC Vinyl flexible hoses are the recommended option. These flexible ducts are offered in 25 ft. lengths, are available large diameters, and are extremely flexible. This allows them to be used in tight and confined spaces without creating an obstruction around walkways and equipment. This is especially important for applications where safety is a concern. These lightweight flexible hoses are also very cost effective and are able to withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Because this type of agricultural hose function so well in crowded, hot, and busy environments, it is common for them to be incorporated into a variety of farming and ranching applications. In sum, PVC Vinyl flexible hoses are some of the most common –and trusted- agricultural hose in the agriculture industry.

For material handling applications, we offer several flexible hose options. The type of hose you would want to choose depends on the level of abrasion resistance you require. When transporting grain, straw, clippings, feed, and other abrasive materials, a heavy-duty hose would be the best option. For these types of applications we would recommend our “Urethane Flex”, “Thermoplastic Flex”, and Polyethylene Series of hoses. These products offer good tear resistance without sacrificing flexibility and will perform best in material handling applications. Even the slightest of tears can be detrimental to the well-being and usability of flexible hoses. It is for this reason that it is critical to ensure you are using the right kind of flexible duct hose.

The “Urethane Flex” series are made from polyurethane and generally offer the best abrasion resistance. These are recommended for applications that require the maximum level of strength and tear resistance. For medium duty applications, our “Thermoplastic Flex” and Polyethylene Series would be a cost effective alternative. Blending the best of both worlds, Thermoplastic Flex and Polyethylene Series are affordable exemplars of flexible hose that provide a high-quality combination of strength and flexibility.

When chemical resistance is necessary in agricultural hose, our “Neoprene Flex” and “Thermoplastic Flex” Series are the answer. Neoprene and thermoplastic rubber offer good resistance to various chemicals and have been widely used in industrial environments as gaskets and seals. These flex ducts also tend to exhibit excellent life in outdoor conditions and offer excellent flex fatigue.

When it comes to agricultural hose applications, versatility and usability are two of the most critical attributes. Carefully selecting the ducting material type that fits your needs best is the premier way to make sure that your flex ducting lasts a long time and delivers quality performance every time it is used. As a duct supply retailer, Rubber Cal can help you-the consumer- with all your agricultural hose needs. Stop by the store or call to get in contact with one of our knowledgeable costumer service representatives; we are sure to get you the right ducting for your situation.