Car Vacuum Hose

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The purpose behind automotive vacuum tubing is to quickly and efficiently suck away the debris particles in the area. A duct hose designed for vacuum pressure needs to be made from a durable material with a hose wall designed to sustain negative pressure. A car vacuum hose is not intended to be the most compressible duct hose. They need a firm body in order to maintain a constant uninterrupted level of suction.

Plastics are the preferred materials to use for car vacuum hose products. Polyethylene, polyurethane, and PVC are among the most commonly used materials for an automotive vacuum hose. These plastics are prized for their physical durability, which makes them a natural fit for duct works being used to vacuum solid debris. Since the kind of debris particles found inside of cars can consist of solid particles such as gravel, sand, and food crumbs, the interior wall of the car vacuum hose needs to be abrasion resistant. When physical debris objects are being sucked through automotive vacuum tubing they can either get dragged against the inner wall of the hose or hit sections of it in short direct impacts. If the flexible hoses are made from materials that are not very sturdy, there is a very real chance that the car vacuum hose can get punctured and fail. A duct hose made from tougher materials such as polyurethane or PVC will operate for a longer period of time, with less risk of failure, when suctioning abrasive particles on a regular basis.

Car vacuum hose products also need to be flexible hoses because the interior sections of cars can have very tight spaces and corners that often hide more debris particles. One factor that allows automotive vacuum tubing to be very flexible is their smaller ID sizes. When a duct hose has a small inner diameter, it has a higher bend radius. Essentially, this means that the duct works will be more flexible. Consider a commercial car washing facility. Vacuuming the interior section of a car is standard operating procedure for them and they typically have multiple car vacuum hose products servicing a wide variety of different types of cars. Some cars are small, some are large, but one common feature in cars is that they have tight corners. The car wash operators need the superior flexibility of an automotive vacuum hose in order to efficiently complete their tasks.

Our car vacuum hose products can be used with accessories such as clamps and connectors. This is a useful feature in case your application requires these flexible hoses to be attached into a specific outlet or if you need to join one duct hose with another to form a longer duct works system. The ends of a car vacuum hose can vary from one product to another. Some have plain cut ends, but it is also possible to acquire an automotive vacuum hose with a cuffed end.

If you are currently on the search for a high quality and reliable car vacuum hose, allow one of our experts to guide you to the product best suited for your specific needs. Our lineup of flexible hoses for car vacuum applications is highly competitive in the market. They will provide you with the durability and flexibility required for the suctioning of materials such as dirt, dust, gravel, food crumbs, and other similar types of debris found in your vehicle.