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Hose wear strength is an integral part of leaf vacuum hoses, despite what many consumers may thing. After all, who would suspect leaves of being particularly damaging materials? While a single leaf might not present much of a danger to well-built leaf vacuum hoses, over time, the constant friction generated by sucking up leaves (as well as other abrasives such as dirt and rocks) can lead to quick degrading of your lawn hoses. However, several materials are available to you when it comes to leaf vacuum hoses that are purpose-built to handle this issue.

Polyurethane is another material leaf vacuum hoses are manufactured with. Polyurethane is an extremely effective material to make leaf vacuum hoses with due to its ultra high durability. Often shortened to simply “urethane”, polyurethane can be manufactured in a clear finish, which provides the advantage of seeing inside the hose—allowing for identifying clogs that may build up. The wall thickness can vary as well; thicker hoses are available for more durable applications while thinner options offer greater flexibility and lower cost. Polyurethane lawn hoses are ideal for commercial applications where the hose will see significant use. What’s more, polyurethane flex duct is often capable of resisting temperatures between -65 degrees Fahrenheit up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that it can function incredibly well against the forces of friction and heat. The innate resistance of polyurethane to the degrading effects of sun, wind, and rain further makes them ideal for use as outdoor lawn hoses when weather-resistance capabilities are a must.

Several Neoprene coated polyester hose options are available as well and are offered in 1 or 2 ply varieties. Double ply is thicker, increasing durability. These fabric hoses are also customizable with a variety of ends, depending on the machine’s needs. A leaf vacuum hose can be ordered with cuffs, in metric ID’s, and even with reduced ID sizes on one end! This ability for customization makes neoprene lawn hoses a widely-implemented and relied upon type of flex ducting in the leaf vacuum hose industry. Used by residences and commercial enterprises alike, neoprene leaf vacuum hoses are an essential part of landscaping and lawn maintenance applications virtually everywhere.

As noted, many of our leaf vacuum hose products feature remarkable degrees of flexibility and compressibility. This makes them ideal for short- and long-term deployment in a variety of positions.. Some of these leaf vacuum hoses are also available with an external wear-strip that is designed to reduce the wear on the outside of hose when being dragged over rough surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. Many of these hoses are also available in smaller lengths, since most lawn and leaf vacuums do not require very long sections of hose.

A variety of accessories are available for the lawn and leaf vacuum hoses as well, such as clamps to connect the hose to the machine, and connectors for connecting two hoses together to make a longer hose. For a full list of accessories, click the “Hose Accessories” link at the bottom of any webpage.

We know that getting the exact right kind of leaf vacuum hose is important to you, and vital to the success of your business. For that reason, call one our ducting specialists today to get set up with the right kind flex ducting specific to your unique situation!