Street Sweeper Hose

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Rhinoback heavy-duty hose, which are made-to-length for Tymco, Elgin, Schwarze, Masco and Johnston sweeper trucks are the flagship products in our line. This heavy-duty hose is made with a thick-walled rubber which is reinforced with 2-plys of fabric. This hose is made for negative and positive material handling applications that encounters the most abrasive of media. Because, at times, street sweeper hose may be utilized to blow air in addition to sucking, it is crucial that it be able to handle the various types and levels of pressure generated by the street sweeping machine.

Another option is street sweeper hose made from extremely durable polyurethane material. The polyurethane hoses we offer are amongst our most durable material handling hoses. Along with their resistance to abrasive materials, these parking lot sweeper truck parts offer resistance to the heat, salt, sand, chemicals, and UV rays. Many users might not consider just how important UV ray and all-around weather resistance is to the efficacy of street sweeper hose. Because they operate year-round, in a wide assortment of conditions, protection against the elements is a must, and a is a feature we are proud to offer in our heavy-duty hose. An additional benefit our Urethane-Flex and Klear-Flex polyurethane products offered is clear-colored hose walls. With this option, you can easily check the ducting for any jammed materials inside the heavy-duty hose to ensure that the hose is working at maximum efficiency. Being prepared for all possible types of refuse should be the cornerstone of any street sweepers mantra.

If your task has light-duty demands or you are constrained by your budget, our parking lot sweeper parts are also available in more cost effective options with PVC and thermoplastic materials. PVC and thermoplastics will exhibit excellent UV and chemical resistance but are less abrasion resistant than urethane street sweeper hose. The flexibility of these material means they are an obvious choice for precision cleaning operations, and can nimbly navigate the hardest to reach areas; using flexible hose for street sweeping is a sensible and obvious decision. Whether you need road sweeper parts that will collect small objects, like dirt and dust particles, to large objects, such as construction and road debris, we have products in a variety of diameter sizes to meet these needs!

Street sweeping is an important task that is undergone the world over for the benefit of countless cities and townships. For that reason, doing a quality job is absolutely essential and the best way to make sure your street sweeping machines are up to par is by using high-quality lengths of street sweeper hose. Browse our inventory of street sweeper hose and find the right flexible duct hose product for your street and parking lot cleaning today! Our website offers low minimum orders so you can order exactly what you need in just the right amount. If you have any questions about our road sweeper parts or would like assistance in deciding what is the right tool for you, feel free to contact one of our ducting experts today!