Wet Vac Hose

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Our wet vac hose products are made of a durable polyethylene material, which makes them resistant to harsh abrasive materials and fluids. The polyethylene material makes this hose strong enough to be an industrial wet vacuum while maintaining the versatility necessary for commercial use applications. Versatility is a necessary and critical aspect of any wet vac hose as we know just how many hundreds of potential uses there are for these flex hoses. Furthermore, Polyethylene is known for its resistance to harsh elements while maintaining flexibility. The versatility of the polyethylene materials gives these products a great range of characteristics making them the ideal choice for a pool vacuum hose, industrial wet vacuum hose, or a flexible duct to use around a small shop to collect litter and dirt. These flexible duct products are also available in small diameter sizes giving the tubing the ability to reach small and hard to reach locations like corners behind storage cabinets underneath refrigerator.

In addition, our wet vac hose can usually be purchased in a variety of lengths, as well, enabling you further to incorporate it in virtually any environment. An important consideration of using flexible duct, however, is the range of wall thicknesses that can be found. Generally, the more thick the walls of your hose are, the less flexible the hose will be overall. A benefit of using flex ducts with thinner walls is that these ducts are innately more compressible. The compressibility of most of our wet vac hose also makes them easily stored and transported from location to location.

To increase the range of applications, we offer multiple types of cuffs for these products. Screw cuffs are one option available for the ends of the hoses. The screw cuffs allow you attach and detach the ducting and move them between different devices if needed, such as taking the hose from a dry inside vacuum and using it as a pool vacuum hose. For more durable and permanent requirements, we offer poly-molded cuffs which are factory installed. This gives the product the stability necessary of an industrial wet vacuum.

For obvious reasons, consumers everywhere have come to rely on shop and wet vacs (and their accompanying wet vac hose) for all their commercial and residential cleaning applications. Whether its sawdust in your basement or a spill in your kitchen, wet/dry vacuums are designed to handle the toughest messes. Our hoses can handle all dust and watery spills that happen and are designed to last! Take a look at our expansive selection of wet vac hose products online and find the right product for you. If you have any questions about which hose will best suit your needs, give one of our ducting experts a call today!