Wood Dust Collection

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The variety of materials, sizes, and styles of our flexible ducting is as varies as its uses. Many of our wood dust collection hoses are made of a polyurethane material. Polyurethane is a very durable material that is known for its high resistance to abrasives, cuts and tears. Polyurethane flex hoses exhibit the necessary characteristics when dealing with sharp materials like wood chips. Another benefit of polyurethane woodworking dust collection hoses is that they maintain their flexibility without sacrificing durability, making them a great tool for a wide range of situations.

We offer clear and black, as well as a variety of polyurethane wall thicknesses. The thinner walled flex hoses will show more flexibility and are more affordable, while the thicker walled flex ducts will offer more wear resistance. This innate flexibility allows these types of wood dust collection hoses to fit into almost any area imaginable without compromising efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, as mentioned, we offer products with different grades of transparency and coloring for your convenience. Some consumers prefer to utilize colored flex ducts for aesthetic purposes. However, it can be beneficial to consider using clear wood dust collection flex ducts, however, as these can aid greatly in spotting potentially hazardous blockages or contaminants in your lengths of collection duct.

Our woodworking dust collection hoses also come in a large variety of options to fit your particular project’s applications. We stock PVC and urethane flex ducts that are available in clear so you can see any material build up that may occur during woodchip collection and dust collection allowing you to easily identify equipment issues. For added protection, our thermoplastic rubber woodworking dust collection hoses come with an external wear strip that is designed to give the hose excellent drag resistance and protection from abrasions caused by abrasive industrial floors.

External wear strips are critical to woodworking dust collection because they allow your valuable wood dust collection ducts to resist punctures and tearing, allowing for greater lifespan and range of use all around. There are also multiple cuff types available for wood collection hoses that allow the hose to connect to a variety of pipe ends. These connections can further be facilitated through the use of attaching cuff end accessories called reducers and expanders, which help allow your flexible hoses to be attached to ducts and outlets of different diameters.

Wood dust collection is an important and, at times, sensitive application that requires only the most high-quality ducting; hose manufacturers know this, you know this, and we know this. So, we have made it easy to get you the perfect product for your situation: we have a large amount of wood dust collection hoses in stock for order. Our inventory includes a large range of diameter sizes to choose from that are excellent choices for both light-duty and heavy-duty dust and wood chip collection. Order minimum is low so you can order just the right amount of flex hoses required for your work. Browse our online selection to find the right product for you or give one of our ducting experts a call so they can help you today!