Dehumidifier Ducts

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If you plan on maneuvering your flexible duct hoses around abrasive materials or floor surfaces we offer external wear strips that provide extra protection to your air ducts. The wear-strip will add life by protecting the exterior of the hose from abrasion. Because of their light weight and ease-of-installation most dehumidifier ducts can be easily accessed and installed, not to mention repaired. This makes them an invaluable cost-effective material that is easily utilized by professionals and laypersons both. Additionally, as a product themselves, dehumidifiers are often prized by commercial and residential spaces because of their ability to cool rooms without requiring the –oftentimes- exorbitant costs of other cooling devices.

Different coating materials for fabric dehumidifier hose are available which offer various benefits. We offer air ducts that are coated in neoprene material to provide extra durability and temperature resistance. Extra neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is known for its strong chemical stability and its ability to maintain flexibility in a large temperature range, making this a great option if you’re going to use dehumidifier ducts in high or low temperature environments. Specifically, neoprene hoses can often possess a temperature resistance of up to 250 degree Fahrenheit, an admirable quality to have in dehumidifier ducts that works to prevent both overheating and potentially hazardous incidences of fire.

PVC coated flexible duct hoses are another more cost efficient option available for work that does not involve higher temperatures. As PVC flexible duct is generally not quite as temperature resistant as neoprene (only resistant up to about 160 degree Fahrenheit), it is better suited to being utilized in environments where heat resistance is less necessary (such as computer server rooms or kitchen freezer facilities).

It might not be apparent at first, but ducting accessories can be just as important to the successful operation of dehumidifier ducts ad the ducting hose itself. Because dehumidifier machines are designed to work in a variety of different environments, we offer a wide variety of hose-ends and hose-cuffs for our flexible ducts that give you the ability to connect the hose to an assortment of pipe. Cuff reducers and enlargers are popular products for affixing lengths of flexible duct hoses whose ends do not quite match up with that of the other dehumidifier ducts that they need to be attached to. This wide selection allows you to find just the right hose for the requirements of your job. Take a look at our large online category of dehumidifier hose ducts and find the right option for you. If you would like assistance in finding the perfect flexible piping for your purposes, feel free to call one of our ducting experts today!