Large Diameter Hose

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If your job requires a large diameter hose that can handle weathering elements, our Wind Handler, Air Ventilator, or Tornado-Flex line of ducting would be great choices. Some of these wide ducts are available in stock in sizes up to 24” ID. These large flexible hose products are made of a combination of neoprene or PVC and polyester. This combination of materials gives these large ducts the benefit of being portable in outside environments because they have great resistance against weather elements such as wind and rain. Also, these flexible hose products are available with an external wear strip that will protect the exterior layers of the hose when being dragged across materials like asphalt, gravel, and dirt.

Another common application for large ducts is as material handling hose. Certain industries rely on large diameter hose for the transportation of sensitive and abrasive materials. Among these industries are farms, factories, and street sweepers.

Farms and other agriculture areas use reinforced hose to move grains, wheats, and feeds from silos and container vessels to dispersal systems and vice versa. Durable lengths of hose (flexible and otherwise) are required by farms because any damage in pipes could cause sever drops in the ability of the farms to move material, which can lead to a loss and productivity and revenue in the long run. Similarly, factories and industrial production facilities rely on large diameter hose to transport their products from assembly stations to quality control stations to packaging areas and so on. In applications such as these, it is critical that your large ducts be highly resistant to damage so as to preserve the longevity and integrity of not only the products in question, but the ducts themselves.

Several of our large diameter hose products are manufactured by NFPA 701 standards and are listed as UL 94V-0 flame-retardant. This allows for their use in environments and applications that require certified products. These flexible hoses are also available in custom lengths up 50 continuous feet and in custom colors like desert sand or olive drab. A 50 ft hose is especially utilized in large scale industries where having continuous, uninterrupted lengths of flex ducting is paramount. For easy installation, we also offer a variety of factory-installed hose ends (e.g., enlarged or reduced) and cuffed hose-ends on our wide duct and hose products. Additionally, since the majority of our ducts feature clean cut, plain cut ends, you can confidently affix all manner of these accessories to your large diameter hose to enable maximum performance capabilities.

With so many large diameter hoses available, we are certain to have the right ducting for your job. Take a look at our online selection of large ducts and order the hose that meets all your job’s requirements. If you would like assistance in deciding which hose has the right properties for your job, give one of our ducting experts a call today!