Portable AC Hose

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For added convenience, our Tornado-Flex line of retractable hoses features an optional sack that the hose can be compressed and placed into for convenient travel and storage. The portability of these products does not affect the durability of the hoses; these ducts are designed to be resistant to outside abrasions. In addition we inventory the Air Ventilator line in every ID size and in three colors. By offering our portable duct in four colors, we ensure that you can find the right ducting to match your home or workplace aesthetic. Additionally, colored portable hose can also be used to differentiate the hose in question from other ducts in a system. For instance, intake portable AC hose can be colored one way to represent it acts as an intake duct, while a separate length of ducting can be colored differently to represent an outflow duct.

The materials used in our portable AC hose are designed to be resistant to external abrasions. For applications that involve movement against the ground or other objects, we have many models that include an external wear strip. In ducting situations as sensitive as air transportation and gas exchange, it only makes sense to protect your collection hoses as much as possible. Even the slightest tears or punctures in your lengths of portable AC hoses can be highly detrimental to the integrity of your system, so it is always best to be prepared.

Our selection of portable duct hoses offers great choices for portable AC units that feature vents that exhaust heat. We have a wide range of temperature-resistant hoses with highs ranging from 140 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Using an air duct to transfer the hot air from the machine and to another location allows you to keep the location cool, while eliminating the hot air produced by an AC unit.

PVC is one specific material often utilized in the creation of portable AC hoses. The extreme bendability, compressibility, and resilience of these lightweight hoses makes them the perfect type of flexible hose for air conditioning and heating units of all types. PVC collection hoses are sold in a variety of lengths and internal diameter sizes, making them suitable for use in a myriad of applications. What’s more, PVC is innately cost-effective and features a lower price point per foot than other types of ducting. Another popular type of ducting often used as portable AC hoses are neoprene/polyester wind handler lightweight hoses. Though not as easily manipulated as PVC, neoprene/polyester ducts are sturdy, resistant to physical abrasions and can be utilized as floor duct without much risk of damage.

Take a look at our online catalog today to see the many options of portable hose we have available. We have many products in stock and require a low minimum order so you can order just the right amount for your job, no matter how big or small! Making sure you get just the right product is as important to us as it is to you, so if you would like assistance in deciding which of our portable AC hose products is right for your job, contact one our ducting specialists to assist you at 1-800-370-9152.