Smoke Ducts

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For a more portable option we have several polyester smoke ducts. These light-weight hoses are excellent for a smoke ventilation system that requires a hose be interchangeable between multiple devices. Their compressibility and ability to retract make them versatile products where space is a concern. These polyester hoses offer excellent flexibility without sacrificing their ability to transfer moderate temperature smoke. We inventory these products (Air Ventilator Hose) in large quantities and in sizes from 4” up to 24” ID. The lightweight hose aspect of these ducts further makes them excellent for use in ceilings and on roofs, or in situations where having extensive support beams is not feasible.

We also feature fiberglass air duct hose coated in Neoprene material. These smoke extraction ducts are great mid-cost alternatives to our stainless steel and polyester hoses. Like the stainless steel smoke ducts, the air duct hose coating makes them resistant to chemicals for medium duty applications while also offering the flexibility and kink resistance of our polyester material ducts. These products are perfect for a smoke ventilation system requiring chemical and elevated temperature resistance. These resistance properties are absolutely critical when it comes to smoke duct. Every functional smoke ventilation system is only as effective as the pipes that it is composed of. If even one length of piping is compromised or broken, the whole system can suffer tremendously and experience a precipitous drop in quality. Therefore, it is imperative that all of the smoke ducts in your system be protected from the damaging effects of heat and chemicals.

If left unchecked, smoke can be an inconvenient and potentially dangerous substance in any environment. Whether you are generating smoke in a heating system, auto body shop, or kitchen, it is critical to incorporate the right kinds of smoke ducts to maintain a safe and comfortable area. With our wide selection of smoke ducts, you will find the right product for the job. Whether you need a tool that is light-weight and portable, resistant to extreme temperatures, or a medium-duty chemical duct, we have the product right for you! Browse our detailed catalog of air duct hose products and find the flexible duct perfect for your job’s requirements. Feel free to contact one of our ducting experts for assistance on which of our products best matches your needs at 1-800-370-9152.