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Ask a Flexible Ducting Expert

We have optimized Ducting.com to make it easier than ever to access information about our flexible hose products and their many applications. Whether you are looking for a Teflon hose, a PVC hose or a silicone hose, we understand that selecting the perfect flex duct for your project is an important decision. We know you need expert-level knowledge to get it done right. If you have a question about our flexible ducting products, Rubber-Cal's team of ducting experts is here to help you every step of the way. We aim to enhance your customer experience and equip you with the best information and experience possible in each of the following areas:

  • Education: We will tell you everything there is to know about our flexible ducting products – what they are made from, which applications they are best suited for, and how they will stand up to conditions of any kind.
  • Selection: We will offer you the most complete information about our line of flex duct products to help make your decision easier! We will help you find the ducting product that best suits your needs in a variety of ways, including size, color, thickness, and affordability.
  • Post-Purchase: Have a question about a Teflon hose, a PVC hose or a silicone hose that you bought from us? Even after your order has been shipped to you, we are here to help you get the most out of your purchase. Our ducting experts are more than happy to answer additional questions that will help you put the finishing touches on your project.

Call us toll free at 1-844-Rubber-4 (844-782-2374) during regular business hours to speak to a flexible ducting expert in person. If you have a question for our staff outside of business hours, please email us at customercare@rubbercal.com, or fill out the inquiry form below. We guarantee you will receive a response within hours of sending your email or form submission.