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Automotive Vacuum Hose

The automotive vacuum hose is a critical component of any automobile owners cleaning and maintenance arsenal. It is imperative that consumer implement automobile vacuums into their cleaning regime, because car interiors see more than their fair share of dirt and grime on a daily basis. Practically any time you enter your vehicle, you are tracking into your car whatever you “picked up” in the outside environment. This problem is magnified exponentially in regards to those who work in less clean environments; carpenters, laborers and others are all capable of regularly tracking large amounts of waste into their car or truck. By using a vacuum hose (auto or otherwise) regularly, you can keep your car interiors fresh and neat. However, because the automotive vacuum hose can come in several forms, it is good to be appraised on the variances between kinds, so that you can make the best duct purchasing decision you can based off of your necessities.

Automotive vacuum hose – like virtually all kinds of ducting - is sized based on the interior diameter of the flex pipes themselves. By sizing them in this way, manufacturers and duct supplies retailers have a standardized metric for comparing and affixing ducts to one another. Imagine the confusion, inconvenience, and potential danger that could result from attempting to match up a hose sized by interior diameter against, say, another duct sized by circumference; it just would not work. When it comes to the automotive vacuum hose, it is common to find them sold for commercial purposes in units of 2 inches to 2.5 inches (though, of course, this can vary based upon type or manufacturer). For more residential oriented vacuum hose (auto or otherwise) purposes, these flex pipes can be found in as low as 1 inch in diameter.

Regardless of the particular size, the automotive vacuum hose can be function extraordinarily well in dealing with dirty car troubles of all kinds. The kink-resistant, smooth hoses are commonly made from durable yet efficient material that allows the unhindered passage of both air and refuse throughout the length of the duct. Frequently used material for this purpose are polyurethane and polyethylene; both of which additionally feature exceedingly high amounts of crush and water resistance, meaning that they can be incorporated as automotive vacuum hose in a number of varied situations. Furthermore, lengths of these materials are generally sold with cuffs installed at the ends (or can be purchased separately). These cuffs allow the flexible hose pipes to be easily connected to each other, as well as to the vacuum engine and storage compartments themselves.

The flexibility offered by polyurethane and polyethylene products is perhaps the biggest benefit that either of the two materials offers. Flexibility and elasticity are prized in the vacuum hose (auto especially, but including others) because they allow the flex pipes to reach even the more confined areas of a vehicle. This feature is one that consumers throughout the world can appreciate. All-weather, durable, resistant to abrasives and moisture, and flexible – what can’t these flex hoses do?

The automotive vacuum hose becomes especially noteworthy once you realize just how many cars there are in the United States (and, therefore, how many cars need to be cleaned in the United States). The widespread proliferation of automobiles means that car washes and car cleaning facilities will continue to be in operation for as far into the future as we can glean. If you are on the fence about purchasing your own do not hesitate. It is practically a given that as long as cars are needed, so too will the automotive vacuum hose have a home!