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Dehumidifier Ducting

An Integral Part of a Dehumidifying Machine

What is humidity and why is it so uncomfortable? Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air. When there is a high level of water vapor in an environment, it tends to feel hotter than the actual temperature. Humidity reduces the rate of evaporation of moisture on the skin, which impairs the effectiveness sweating has on cooling down a person’s body temperature when exposed to heat and strenuous activity. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of ducted dehumidifier products that are designed to alleviate uncomfortable situations that are a result of too much humidity in an indoor environment. Dehumidifier ducting takes the humid air of the environment and uses the dehumidifier hoses to create a more comfortable atmosphere. The process of dehumidification is a complex one involving many different moving parts and the machines are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and capabilities.

So how do dehumidifiers work? To begin, it is important to understand the components involved in the dehumidifying machine. Dehumidifiers are generally composed of six integral parts: a fan, the fan compressor, a re-heater, compressor cooling coils, a reservoir and dehumidifier ducting. All of these parts work in unison to create an efficient system to remove humidity from the environment. First, the fan creates suction that pulls air into the ducted dehumidifier. Then the fan compressor cools the coils within the machine that the humid air comes into direct contact with. The cooled cable then takes the moisture from the air and stores it within the reservoir. Finally, once the moisture has been removed from the air, the re-heater within the dehumidifier brings the air back to room temperature and places it back into the environment. As the dehumidifier operates, the humidity level within the environment will steadily decrease. Many dehumidifiers are capable of detecting the levels of humidity within an environment so the user can set the desired levels.

There are a multitude of benefits to using a ducted dehumidifier. One of the main benefits of removing humidity from an environment is simply the comfort levels produced. Removing the humidity from the area makes the area feel significantly cooler even though the actual temperature of the room is not being altered. As a result, if a home or business feels more comfortable without actually having to cool the air, then the need to use costly air conditioning systems reduces, leading to a significant decrease in electricity bills. There are also health benefits associated with using a dehumidifier. When dehumidifier hoses remove moisture from a room, it creates an environment that is easier to breathe in for people who have a cold, cough, or even some severe respiratory illnesses. Also, molds and fungi thrive in warm and humid environments created by humidity. They can create several negative situations. When molds and fungi begin to grow on wood and other materials, they will slowly deteriorate the material. Both of them are very difficult to remove once in place and can result in a costly removal and repair process. In addition, the spores released into the air by organisms are known to cause serious respiratory illnesses when inhaled. By keeping humidity levels low, you can prevent organisms from growing in locations like your ducting system, attics, and basements. Another added benefit is the water that is collected within the reservoir of the machine. While this water is often referred to as grey water and it is not safe for human consumption, it is useful in the watering of plants. The water collected by the dehumidifier is often less salty than tap water, making it beneficial for plant growth.

There are many different ducted dehumidifier machines designed to meet the many diverse needs of particular situations. There are portable machines designed to control humidity in a single room, as well as larger heavy-duty machines with the ability to control humidity levels in entire buildings. Dehumidifier hoses have various uses for all of the different types of machines. One of the largest benefits of using these hoses with a dehumidifying machine is for aesthetic purposes. Many dehumidifiers are very large and can be unappealing to the eye when placed around décor that does not match the design of the machinery. With quality ducting products, you can place the machine in an out of sight location where it will not get in the way and use the ducting to carry the humid air from the necessary location and the hoses to return the treated air to reduce the overall humidity level of the room. The dehumidifier ducting can be installed in out of the way locations, like along the walls or ceiling to retain an optimal amount of workspace while controlling the humidity levels. Also, for machines that are controlling the humidity levels of multiple rooms, the ducting can be led into several different locations to allow the machine to remove the moisture from multiple locations at the same time. Ducting is also ideal for portability because many of the hoses designed to work with applications requiring mobility make it easier to change which locations to control humidity without needing to move the entire machine.

We offer many dehumidifier ducting options made of PVC and polyester materials. These products are lightweight and highly compressible. This allows the ducting to be installed in a multitude of locations and gives the hose the ability to be instantly compressed to meet the size requirements of a given situation. Our dehumidifier hoses are also made with external wear-strips to provide protection when being moved across abrasive materials like asphalt and rocks. To compliment their excellent portability, these hoses are easily retractable, capable of retracting to a fraction of its extended length to allow for easy storage. Some products even come with their own carrying cases to allow for even more convenient storage and transportation. All of these hoses also have belted cuffs that make them extremely easy to install to a dehumidifying machine.

Dehumidifier ducting is essential for maximizing the efficiency of dehumidifying machines. With a ducted humidifier you can better reach your desired locations without sacrificing work space and increase how much space the machine can control. Dehumidifier hoses are also available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate specific functions.