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Dust Ducting – An Important Safety Tool in the Industrial Workplace

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Dust control is an extremely important aspect of an industrial work environment. Without proper dust ducting , a workplace will be less cost efficient, produce lower quality work, and can lead to serious health problems and injury to the workers. To prevent these negatives and produce an effective work environment, it is important to have a collection system with the proper dust collection hose products to gather both fine and large dust particles. Installing a system to collect the dust caused by industrial applications should be a priority for both small and large spaces, as it will protect the health of guests and staff, as well as reduce any additional costs associated with dust in a work place.

Dust created by the cutting and sanding of various materials can be very hazardous to an individual’s health. When there is no dust control system installed, the dust particles will linger in the environment to be inhaled by anyone in the room. These dust particles can then cause serious short term and potentially permanent health respiratory issues like asthma. They can also aggravate allergies. In addition, many species of wood are known to contain toxins that can shorten a person’s lung capacity and lead to other serious health complications like nasal cancer. This can be avoided by using quality dust collection hose products that efficiently collect these particles. Creating an environment that is free of hazardous dust particles creates a more efficient and cost effective workplace because it reduces the potential of employees taking sick days and avoids potential health care expenditures.

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It is also important to collect stray dust from an environment in order to protect the quality of products produced. Dust particles are measured by microns. Particles that are 100 microns or larger are immediately dragged to the ground by their weight. However, problems arise when dust particles are the size of about 5 microns. A dust particle that is as small as 5 microns is capable of remaining in the air for thirty seconds without any interference to its surrounding air environment. This can be greatly extended when there is any shift in the airflow of the room. Multiple problems can arise from these airborne dust particles. Without dust ducting these small dust particles can travel through the air to a finishing room where they will land on the product to settle in the paint or any other finishing material and potentially ruin the quality of the finished product.

smooth tube pvc

Also, these tiny dust particles do not always just fall to the ground or settle onto another surface. Oftentimes, these particles will fall into small spaces of machinery and cause serious issues with operating equipment. When dust particles get trapped inside a sanding machine it can cause the sander to work harder and overheat which can lead to skipping and an uneven surface. Fire hazards are also a major concern in an environment that lacks dust control. Woodworking applications are known to create large piles of woodchips and dust. Unfortunately, small pieces of wood are easily ignitable and can quickly be set on fire by a stray spark in a matter of seconds!

Placing a large diameter dust collection hose near cutting or sanding equipment can collect the woodchips at the source and prevent large piles from forming on the shop floor. Fire can also start from within a hose if you are not using the proper equipment to ventilate the dust. When the dust particles rub up against the sides of ducting material, they can build up static electricity that can create a spark and start a fire. Combustible dust is another serious hazard that can be the result of lacking a dust control system. When large amounts of dust accumulates in the air it can become combustible which can ignite and result in the risk of fire or even an explosion caused by a spark created by machinery or electric static buildup.

Shops of different sizes require dust control systems with different capabilities. Dust collectors are rated by their performance in three categories: air velocity in feet per minute, air volume in cubic feet per minute, and maximum static pressure. For simplicity and affordability to work in small spaces and light-duty applications, you can use a portable dust collector that can be moved between machines and taken to multiple locations. With portable systems you can easily take the dust collection hose directly to the source of the dust. These light-duty machines are ideal for applications dealing with less demanding applications. Operations with multiple machines simultaneously displacing dust into the air require a more heavy-duty solution like a central dust collection system. With centralized systems, you can place the dust-collecting machine in an out of the way location to conserve the workspace. Central dust systems rely on the dust ducting to be placed into the workplace so it can transfer the dust out of the environment.

It is important to choose a dust collection hose that is compatible with the type of work involved with your applications. Polyurethane hoses are ideal for applications involving materials that build up large amounts of static electricity like woodchips and wood dust. The polyurethane is a conductive material and can prevent sparks and lower fire risk when ventilating materials like wood shaving materials. Thermoplastic flex hoses are great ducting products for use in heavy-duty applications where you need to move the dust ducting across abrasive materials. The spring wire helix of the hose also provides great durability and support when vacuuming materials.

smooth tube pvc

Hoses that are made of stainless steel or coated in Neoprene are a great choice for applications involving harsh chemicals. Neoprene is resistant to many corrosive materials that are common in modern industrial applications making it great for simultaneously collecting dust and harmful chemicals. It is imperative to have an effective dust control system installed in a dust producing work environment in order to maintain a productive and healthy work atmosphere. Using the right dust collection hose products reduce

the risk of fire hazards associated with many dust materials and allows you to expel the unwanted materials from the workplace. A work environment that includes sufficient dust ducting to keep the workplace clean and free of hazardous dust particles will produce quality products by satisfied workers.