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Heavy Duty Hose & Ducting

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. For all your work and labor intensive round duct applications, heavy duty hose is available to get the job done, and get it done with quality. Heavy duty hoses is generally classified as ducting pipe with increased levels of wall thickness, high temperature resistance and/or chemical and abrasive withstanding capabilities. When it comes to sensitive and critical collection duct applications the world over, businesses everywhere know they can rely on heavy duty hose to rise to the occasion.

One of the most noticeable type of heavy duty hose in use is the “Rhinoback” street sweeper round duct. Incredibly durable thanks to .375 inch thickness and double-ply synthetic fabric, these heavy duty hoses are utilized by street cleaning machines throughout the nation to absorb with confidence all manner of refuse and waste. The hard durometer sheet rubber of this ducting pipe means that it will withstand a abrasions, burns, and weather with ease, allowing it to keep on trucking in even the most intensive street sweeping situations. The limited flexibility of these heavy duty hoses, however, means that they are often regulated to fixed positions on the body of a street sweeper or industrial vacuum system, and are used in conjunction with smaller, more flexible types of flex ductwork for maximum usability. When it comes extreme durability and toughness, Rhinoback round duct takes after its namesake remarkably.

Another type of heavy duty hose Rubber-Cal ductwork supply keeps stocked is the “Klear Flex” sweeper hose. A revolutionary combination of flexibility and resilience, Klear Flex heavy duty hose makes for the best of both worlds. Made from polyurethane, the excellent compressibility of Klear Flex means that it can be stored, transported, and manipulated with easy to fit into all manner of flexible hose situations. These street sweeping duct hoses are quintessential for fitting into hard to reach areas during the street sweeping process. This collection duct proves that, more ways than one, it’s clear that the flex tube is an invaluable part of all industrial vacuuming situations.

Finally, a third, increasingly popular type of heavy duty hose is the “PVC Flexduct” light duty flexible hose. Designed with a clear wall construction, “PVC Flexduct” is made to be easily transparent for observational purposes and to ensure quality of the collection duct throughout. Because this type of round duct is markedly more compressible than other types of ducting pipe, it is comparatively much easier to navigate this heavy duty hose through tight confines or cluttered spaces. What’s more, is that the hardy PVC construction of these hoses is reinforced with a springy, yet tough steel wire helix which does much to abate damage of all kinds, while retaining functionality. Never worry that the integrity of your vacuum system is compromised when using this heavy duty hose.

It is obvious that there is a lot that goes into the ideal heavy duty hose; from temperature and chemical resistance to overall wall thickness, there is quite a bit to keep in mind when selecting the right type of commercial duct for your system. Consider consulting with one of our specialists today to get the most for your dollar, and get the idyllic, tailored heavy duty hose ducting for your situation!