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Because the engine operates at extreme temperatures, you need a flex hose that can withstand constant temperature extremes. We offer several hoses that provide resistance to extreme high temperatures ranging from 300 to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit, making them a perfect addition to any automotive application. Our aluminum fiberglass automotive hose, for instance, can withstand temperatures up to a brutal 1,250 degrees Fahrenheit. For a product with an even higher resistance rating, check out our titanium stainless steel lengths of ducting; these pipes can bear up to a whopping 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit. Not even certain types of magma reach that temperature!

Exhaust systems are necessary to carry toxic fumes away from an engines exhaust system. To accomplish this, a vehicle needs an automotive hose that can withstand the toxicity of the fumes produced as well as the heat given off by the engine and fumes. It is not unheard of for automotive exhaust hose to reach temperatures of roughly 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit at times. Along with withstanding high temperatures, several of the ducting products available on are resistant to the abrasive chemical fumes given off from the engine and expel them from the vehicle (e.g., flexible brake hose.) For instance, many car exhausts give off a variety of different –and potentially hazardous- fumes; carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitrous oxide are just three of the many different chemicals your car’s flex ducting must deal with. Consult a sales representative for the compatibility of fumes with that of an automotive hose.

As mentioned, flexible brake hose is another type of ducting that is critical to the performance and safety of an automobile. Brake lines are highly sensitive, precision instruments that need to be protected at all costs; without sufficient protection, brake lines can become damaged and seriously hamper the safety of any car. Using protective automotive hose to safeguard your brake lines in a sensible practice that all car manufacturers, mechanics, and owners should invest in.

Weight and flexibility are another essential characteristic of a vehicle flex hose. Due to the limited space available inside vehicles, the automotive hose needs to be able to be maneuvered through the vehicle’s tight confines and maintain efficient airflow. Along with flexibility, the weight of the flex hose is very important to maintaining fuel efficiency and lowering the amount of toxic fuel emissions emitted from the automotive exhaust hose. Many of our flexible ducting products are tailored to be both lightweight and flexible, perfect for the high demands of automotive applications. This feature is especially vaunted when it comes to racing duct. Sports cars and other racing automobiles are infamous for burning through tires, belts, and hoses quickly. By utilizing lightweight and easily replicable, cost-effective flex ducting, racing crews help to keep costs down while still ensuring quality product performance.

From commercial vehicles to high performance racecars, our inventory of automotive hose stocks a product that is ideal for the job. The abilities and uses of automotive hose cannot be overstated; it is as crucial to the successes of a vehicle as the engine or the wheels. Take a look at our online catalog to make your engine, brakes, and exhaust systems run at maximum efficiency. Also, feel free to contact one of our ducting experts today to decide which of our products will best suit your automotive demands!