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While the first images we conjure when we hear the words “workplace fire” might be of towering infernos, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, fires can be relatively small, hard to detect, and severely damaging without necessarily being readily apparent. For instance, imagine that the contents of a commercial hose hidden in the wall of a factory suddenly ignite – it is quite possible that this fire might burn on, unnoticed, for a long period of time before firefighting measures are taken. That is why flame retardant duct hose is so critical: it is to mitigate severely the risk of fire in the places where you least suspect it of occurring.

For air ventilation applications that demand mobility and flexibility, we offer a variety of compressible fire rated ductwork. Several of our products are made of polyester to offer greater flexibility that is often demanded by tight environments. The mobility of these products allows you to place the flame retardant duct hose in convenient locations and maneuver the hoses through tight places while maintaining excellent transportation capabilities for abrasives, air, dust, and fumes. In addition to the compressibility of our flex ducts length-wise, many of our fire rated ductwork is also able to shrink –albeit, only marginally in most cases- along their diameter. This ability helps our flame retardant duct hose to fit stupendously in a variety of confined areas.

If your job requires a flame retardant duct hose that can withstand extreme temperatures when handling air and fumes, we have fire resistant hoses made of stainless steel with great heat resistance. Our stainless steel fire rated ductwork products are resistant to temperatures up to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit. The stainless steel composition of these flexible ducts gives them great durability and also feature strong crush resistance. This durable ducting is also self-supporting and can be bent to stay in place.

We also offer material handling hoses made with neoprene and polyurethane that are flame retardant materials. Neoprene and polyurethane are chemically resistant materials and offers excellent durability when faced with abrasion. These flexible ducts have excellent resistance to harsh chemicals, which makes a fire resistant hose a great choice for tasks requiring the movement of dry bulk and other abrasive materials. Both duct materials are known for their excellent resistance to weathering as well as their flexibility, providing you with the added benefit of extra protection without sacrificing the flexibility of your fire resistant hose. Wear strips and other reinforced hose safeguards are important because protecting the exterior of your flame retardant duct hose is virtually just as crucial as safeguarding the interior. Even the slightest tears or breaks in the material can lead to drastic losses of performance.

As with other types of ducting, check out the accessories that can be purchased and incorporated in tandem with flame retardant duct hose. Enlargers, reducers, belt and screw loops, nylon fasteners; all of these are important tools in the pipe fitters arsenal and can make the difference between a strong and secure fitting and one that is incomplete and ineffectual.

At Ducting.com, we offer a wide range of products that are made with materials that are officially classified as fire retardant. Our inventory of ducting products includes hoses intended for light-duty air applications to heavy-duty chemical and abrasive material transfer work. Take a look at our extensive catalog of flame retardant duct hose today to find the right tool for your job. If you have any questions how the classification of fire retardant materials or which ducting product is best for your needs, give one of our ducting experts a call today!