Furnace Ducts

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Since furnaces generate heated air, good temperature resistance is also important when choosing a furnace duct. Our ducting products offer temperature ranges up to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring excellent performance. We offer aluminum, stainless steel and titanium stabilized stainless steel. Thermal stabilization occurs by heating the chemically stabilized stainless steel to a temperature where titanium carbides form preferentially and chromium carbides do not form. This heat treatment is conducted at approximately at 1625 °F for chemically stabilized stainless steels.

Aluminum furnace ducts handle temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. After oxygen and silicon, aluminum is the most common element in the Earth’s crust. After iron, aluminum is now the second most widely used metal in the world. The properties of aluminum include: low density and therefore low weight, high strength, superior malleability, easy machining, excellent corrosion resistance and good thermal and electrical conductivity are amongst aluminum’s most important properties. Aluminum flexible ducts are lighter weight than their steel counterparts while offering excellent durability to weathering. Aluminum compounds also occur naturally in our food. Aluminum is extremely durable in neutral and slightly acid environments. In environments characterized by high acidity or high basicity, corrosion is rapid.

Furnace ducts are a reliable, heat resistant, flexible means of heating all your home and office areas. They are an invaluable component of almost every building throughout the developed words, and are without a doubt greatly important to our continued progress as a society. These flex ducts keep us comfortable and they keep us safe – what could be more important? However, it might not be readily apparent to you –the consumer- which sizing, material, or design of furnace ducts to purchase on your own. That is why it is always a good idea to consult with someone trained in the science of flexible ductwork installation. To this end, talk to one of our specialists today to truly make sure you are getting the most “bang” for your buck; your employees, guests, and family members are all sure to thank you.