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Steam venting requires high temperature resistant materials in order to meet the demands of a job without damaging the hose or putting an operator’s safety at risk. We offer a large selection of flex hoses that can handle temperature highs from 325 to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperature resistance is vital when dealing with the extreme high temperatures that are associated with steam applications. The wide temperature range of our products allows you to choose the best economical option to fit your high temperature needs. Choosing the right duct is important in the operation of your steam ventilation system and with our large inventory we can help you get the right tool for the application.

For maximum heat resistance and durability, we offer several products made of stainless steel ducts. Stainless steel steam hoses offer self-supporting structures, allowing you to bend the steam ducting into the position you desire at which it time it will maintain its shape. The metal ducting options also provides great durability and crush resistance. If an application requires more flexibility, then our silicone hoses offer the characteristics demanded by the application. The silicone steam venting hoses provides you with the flexibility necessary to conveniently maneuver the steam hoses through tight spaces and to reach ambient air spaces.

A popular material used in the creation of steam hoses is stainless steel. Incredibly heat resistant and durable, stainless steel ducting hose is often used in environments that see multitudes of heat generated (like steam ventilation and collection). Lengths of stainless steel flex hoses are especially valued because they are anti-kink and can be bent and manipulated in a variety of ways. This makes them ideal for use as steam hoses, allowing the free and uninterrupted transit of gases throughout your duct works system. The reinforced hose aspect of stainless steel additionally prevents breakages and tears in your ducts, allowing them to function with any compromising leaks or excess venting.

Another popular type of material for steam hoses is acrylic/polyester ducts. Though generally not as heat resistant as stainless steel, acrylic/polyester commercial duct is usually more flexible and lightweight, which means that it can function remarkably in overhead ventilation exhaust systems in ceilings. As an added bonus, most acrylic/polyester flex hoses are fire retardant and feature an external protective wearstrip. Both of these features combine in making acrylic/polyester duct works some of the most trustworthy and reliable types of commercial duct around.

Steam hoses are crucial part of many industries worldwide. However, they alone often are not enough to get the job done. For the purposes of maxing out the usability of your steam venting, consider implementing some of our wide range of steam ducting accessories. Steam, under the right circumstances, can be incredibly dangerous if leaked into the surrounding area. That is why it is important to make your ducts as secure as possible.

Take a look through our detailed catalog of steam hoses today to find the product that has the characteristics necessary to meet your steam handling needs. Flex hose specialists are available to assist you with deciding which product is right for you and assisting you with your order. Give us a call today!