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Another important factor to take into account when welding are the dangers of sparks that can be created in the welding process. After all, it goes without saying just how dangerous unintended fires can be to not only welding exhaust systems, but ducting systems of all types. Sparks are an extreme fire hazard and it is important that your weld fume ventilation system is designed with the dangers of sparks in mind if your welding application frequently produces them. To protect your ducting from the dangers of sparks, several of our welding exhaust products are constructed with materials that are listed as UL 94 V-0 flame retardant. This means that these welding hoses are resistant to catching fire when any of the stray sparks produced by welding touch the surface of the hose. Furthermore, the spark and friction resistance of these commercial hoses allows your welding exhaust systems to remain intact and undamaged by high heats, making them truly reliable products that will serve you admirably for a long time.

We offer PVC and stainless hoses that are perfect for heavy-duty welding applications that will produce large amounts of high temperature fumes. Not only is our welding exhaust hose products one our most durable flexible duct hose, it also features a self-supporting system. In being so largely self-supporting, welding flexible duct hose can be manipulated and formed pursuant to the needs of each individual application. Semi-rigid round duct is additionally prized because it keeps its shape when presented with outside forces and pressures. This allows you to place the exhaust hose conveniently to the source of the exhaust fumes with the flexible duct hose body remaining in place on its own. These are self-supporting, semi rigid flex hoses that are available in a wide range of ID sizes.

As noted, stainless steel is an incredibly popular material commonly used in the construction of welding exhaust hoses. The combination of rigidity, maneuverability, and resilience makes stainless steel welding duct a consummate example of superior welding exhaust hose. The excellent temperature and corrosion resistances of stainless steel are nothing to sneeze at either! Stainless steel ducts (as well as the vast majority of our flexible ductwork) typically come with plain cut ends that facilitate ease of connection between separate flex hoses and ventilation outlets.

Take a look at our online catalog for detailed descriptions of each of our welding duct products. In our catalog you will find details about our products such as heat resistance, available sizes, chemical resistance, and multiple pictures of the products. Welding exhaust can be a sensitive and demanding enterprise, so it is always best to be prepared with the right type of welding duct for the task at hand. To ensure you receive only the highest quality products, our ducting specialists are available to help you over the phone if you need any assistance with your order.