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In addition to moderate heat resistance, aluminum is also resistant to the damaging and corrosive properties of many of today’s harsh chemicals. These resistant properties make aluminum ducting a great choice for applications involving high temperature and chemical fumes. Some, but of course not all, of the following are examples of the myriad of situations in which aluminum hose has a home. Air and fume transfer and removal, server room cooling, exhaust ventilations, oil mist removal, HVAC, pollution control; these are all areas where the temperature and fume resistance of aluminum ducting excels.

In addition to its resistance to high-temperatures and corrosive chemicals, aluminum ducting is also resistant to metal fatigue and weathering. These ducting materials are also durable when the metal is subjected to cyclic loadings. Also, the aluminum hose products can resist the damaging effects of wind and water when exposed to outdoor environment. These metal hoses are also flexible duct products!

Aluminum ducting is a self-supporting flexible duct; in fact, in the field of flex ducting, aluminum hose is typically regarded as one of the most easily manipulated and installed materials. This allows you to bend the metal duct work and it will remain in place without additional support. This allows for the hose to be used in applications that may otherwise require elbows or connectors, as well as jobs that demand a flexible hose. The lightweight nature of aluminum alloy enables the aluminum hose to be flexed more easily than similar metal products such as stainless steel ducting. Due to the self-supporting structure, lightweight design, and affordable nature of the product, this flexible duct is popular across many industries.

As a rule, aluminum hose is often available to be purchase in 5 or 10 foot lengths with a wall thickness of 0.008 of an inch. Generally, they are offered with plain cut ends, though connectors are available so sections can be combined into longer lengths. One other benefit of aluminum hose is that it has a variety of interior diameters (IDs) in which it can be purchased: sizes as low as 2 inches to as wide as 12 inches (with virtually everything in between) are commonplace. It is safe to safe that, practically no matter what your ventilation or air handling situation, aluminum possesses an almost unmatched product variety and performance capability.

Our aluminum ducting products are available for your shopping convenience on our online catalog. In our catalog you can find detailed descriptions of the product’s characteristics as well as the available sizes and applications for the hoses. As mentioned, there is often a tradeoff between flexibility and strength in the flex ducting world. That is why it is important to be appraised of the strengths and weaknesses of each kind of flexible duct when shopping around. Knowing which type of flex ductwork best suits your situation is what our experts are here for - give one of our ducting specialists a call today for assistance, we are here to help!