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PVC vinyl coated polyester fabric hose is one of the most commonly implemented types of flex duct hose on the market today. The coating of PVC makes the hose more durable and adds flex fatigue strength allowing the hose to flex continuously wiohtout damage. PVC vinyl coated fabric hose is also typically sold with a plethora of different sizes. This variety in size means that, no matter what your situation, we are almost sure to have the right type of flex duct hose in stock for you. Additionally, the temperature resistance of this kind of flexible duct hose is nothing to sneeze at either; vinyl coated polyester fabric hose can withstand temperatures up to a searing 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Never worry about these commercial hoses becoming damaged when used outside or in cramped, stuffy conditions.

The lightweight nature of fabric ducting also provides the added benefits of flexibility and compressibility. Because of the flexible nature of the lightweight fabric, our fabric hose products can be turned and maneuvered without causing a kink in the ducting and maintains an excellent air flow. For this reason these flex hoses exhibit great flex fatigue. The lightweight construction of the hoses also allows the ducting to be extremely compressible. Our fabric ducting products feature up to a ten to one compression ratio, which results in easy storage and transportation. The compressibility of the fabric allows you to install a fabric duct that can be taken down and moved as required to meet the needs of your air and fume applications.

Our fabric hose products also come with several additional options for you to select from. Each of our fabric ducts can be purchased with several types of cuffs and different color choices to meet the needs of your applications. We offer a wide range of colors to meet the specific needs of many applications such as matching the décor of a room for industrial applications or providing specific military grade colors like olive drab and desert tan. We also offer many different cuffs for your fabric duct. We offer non-wire end and belted sewn cuffs that allow for easy attachments and funnel cuffs to fit into applications that feature two different size connection points. What’s more, some of our fabric flex ducts come with sewn-on belted cuffs to aid in affixing them to outlets, machines, even other types of commercial duct. Our fabric duct products are extremely versatile to meet the wide range of demands associated with lightweight ducting applications.

Ducting.com provides a detailed online catalog to allow you to easily find the product that is right for you. Our products are categorized by applications so you can read details and view pictures of the fabric hose products that interest you. We know that getting the right type of fabric hose for your situation is important to you, so do not hesitate to contact one of our ducting specialists today for assistance on which of the products will best meet your application’s needs!