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Though it goes without saying that we have variety in our stock, generally fiberglass hose is offered in several different preset lengths, meaning you never need worry about finding the right length for you. Custom sizing is available, as well. Compared to other kinds of ducting, however, fiberglass ducting is typically sold with smaller interior diameter (ID) sizes. Because these sizes are often (but not always) smaller than other types of ducting, fiberglass hose excels at fitting into cramped, tight situations where its flexibility and temperature resistance can “shine”.

Our fiberglass ductwork is designed to work in applications dealing with extremely high temperature air and chemicals. We feature products with an excellent operating temperature range with fiberglass ducting that is capable of working in temperatures as low as -65 degrees Fahrenheit and up to high temperatures of 1250 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperature capabilities of these hoses make them great choices for exhaust applications in fields such as automotive and aircraft mechanics. Furthermore, fiberglass hose can be found in commercial dryer machines, diesel engines, and even ceramic kilns. A ubiquitous and trusted material, fiberglass has earned its reputation as a preeminent flexible duct hose product.

Fiberglass ducting is also an economical option for applications that require corrosion resistant hoses. The fiberglass materials combined with other materials (i.e., silicone, neoprene) the flex ducts are typically coated with create a strong resistance to the corrosive materials that are commonly found in harsh exhaust chemicals. Combining their resistant capabilities with their light-weight and flexibility makes fiberglass hose products an ideal choice for applications requiring both maneuverability and fume resistant properties. This innate chemical resistance is incredibly invaluable in commercial and industrial applications because of the sheer amount and variety of fumes that are generated in such environments. Having the right kind of flex ducts in these areas is crucial, and is why so many business owners rely on fiberglass hose for their fume handling and ventilation needs.

As with most varieties of flexible duct, fiberglass hose can be equipped with a number of flex duct accessories to increase its usability and performance. Belted and screw cuffs are two kinds of attaching devices that rely on simple mechanics (in this case, cinching belts and screws) to firmly affix lengths of fiberglass hose to one another and to engines, ventilators, and other outlets. In addition, end cuff reducers and enlargers are commonly found accessories that can help you create a tight and dependable seal between your flex ducts for all your flexible duct hose situations.

Fiberglass truly is a dependable and irreplaceable material in the residential, commercial, and industrial fields., features a wide selection of fiberglass hose products to meet the particular needs of your applications. Browse through our detailed online catalog to find descriptions of features and available lengths, as well as, images of the flexible duct hose products that we have in stock. Contact our duct hose specialists today and let us help get your project off the ground.