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We offer Polyurethane duct products that exhibit the high quality characteristics of PU products. Polyurethane has excellent abrasion resistance and will outperform rubber and plastic sometimes by a factor of as much as 5 to 1. For applications in which wear is a problem, switching to polyurethane flexible hoses can reduce the frequency of replacement. Additionally, many of our plastic ducting products can be outfitted with wear strips to increase their capacity to resist damage. This added protection ensures that your polyurethane duct remains strong and durable for as long as possible.

This means less down time and greater productivity from your flexible hose investment. The material make-up of our Polyurethane duct products makes them extremely resistant to external abrasions without sacrificing their flexibility. This means that these hoses are a great choice for applications that require the plastic ducting to be easily maneuverable and not damaged by outside abrasive materials. For added protection, the Polyurethane duct products are also resistant to UV light and Ozone damage. This all-around great weather resistance means that your plastic hose can be utilized in outdoor applications such as water transportation, irrigation, or sewage removal.

Since plastics are offered in an array of colors, plastic ducting is also available in a variety of shades. Several different colors are available for many of our plastic-hose products to meet your needs including clear options that are made of FDA approved materials that allow them to be safely used with food and pharmaceuticals. Colored lengths of hose material are often helpful to have in your home or workplace, because they allow you to easily identify by sight which ducts are used for specific purposes (i.e. electrical ducts versus sewage pipes).

This color coding is especially useful in areas with a variety of plastic hose products. It should also be mentioned that a good deal of our flexible hoses are offered in “clear” styles, allowing you to see easily see the contents within a duct, as well as determine if there are any clogs or contaminants in your plastic hose system. In addition to the various color options, we offer hose-cuffs that are factory installed on plastic duct products to make clamping of flexible hoses to pipe an easier task. These plain cut ends are well regarded in the industry and well-suited for use in a sundry of different plastic hose applications. These plain cut ends also have the dual benefit of allowing a varied assortment of flex ducting attachments to be affixed to your lengths of plastic hose.

With our wide selection of plastic ducting products we are certain to have a product that fits the demands of your applications. Our online catalog features detailed descriptions of all our products so that you may find the hose that meets your needs. We know that there exists a wide range of ducting choices in the world, and navigating all your options to find the best one for your situation can be challenging. Never worry, we are here to assist you - feel free to call one of our ducting specialists today for assistance with your order!