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Another beneficial characteristic of PVC hoses is that they are ultra-flexible and surpass the flexibility of other plastic products such as Polyurethane and thermoplastics. This flexibility is not at the cost of flex-fatigue, rather PVC ducting is more flexible and more durable when exposed to continuous flexing than other hoses. PVC can be continuously bent and moved without causing damage or weakening the hose, making flexible PVC ducting ideal for applications that require the hose to be continuously bent and moved, similar to portable air conditioners. This means that you can often utilize lengths of PVC ducting to form elbows, dips, and twists in a system often without needing joints or other types of connectors,

Flexible PVC ducting is also available in several color options to meet your individual needs. There are benefits to using colored lengths of PVC hoses on several levels. Primarily, colored PVC ducting is used to match the aesthetic choices of your work or home interiors. However, an additional benefit is that color coded PVC hoses can be used to denote and distinguish different types of ducts from one another. Electrical ducts could be blue, whereas water outflow flex ducts could be red, for instance. Clear, see-through types of PVC hoses are additionally popular because they allow users to observe the contents of their duct while functioning. This means that clogs, ruptures, and contaminants can readily be identified and dealt with, without needing to open up or turn off your flex ducting systems.

Clear PVC ducting allows the operators to easily see any blockage that has built up in the duct, allowing for easy maintenance. Another benefit of our clear flexible PVC ducting is that these options are made of FDA approved materials to allow the ducting to be used in applications involving food and pharmaceutical materials. At Ducting.com, our large inventory of flexible PVC ducting products are featured in a detailed catalog so you can find the ducting tool that best meets your application’s demands. Browse through our categorized inventory of products to find the perfect tool for the job today! Navigating the different options, sizes, and variety of PVC hose can be a sometime challenging tasks. It is always good to get help when you need it so, for help with your order or deciding which of our products best suits your needs, do not hesitate to call one our ducting specialists for direct assistance.