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We offer two distinct types of rubber hose products. For a flexible and economically efficient hose, we offer dipped fabric hoses that are coated with rubber. The rubber coated fabric hoses have the added benefit of being available in several large internal diameter sizes. With the availability of an inside diameter size up to 52 inches, these dipped hoses provide you with the option of having alternate rubber ducting options for applications that feature varying levels of pressure. It is important to keep in mind, however, that smaller diameter rubber hose products generally require less pressure to effect air or material transfer when compared to hoses with diameters of greater size. Carefully consider the needs of your specific ducting situation before making any firm rubber hose purchasing decisions.

The second type of rubber ducting product we have available are thermoplastic rubber hoses. These hoses are great industrial rubber hoses because of their fantastic durability and extra resistance to UV light and ozone damage. In addition to protection from ozone and UV damage, the industrial rubber hoses also feature moderate resistance to harsh chemicals. The thermoplastic hoses are a great option for applications that involve temperatures up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Even at high temperatures these ducting products retain their flexibility and durability. This means that rubber hose can be used widely both outdoors and indoors, in conditions too hot, cramped, or abrasive for lesser types of commercial hose. A true, “take all comers” type of ducting, industrial rubber hoses are sure to meet the demands of a plethora of different duct works applications.

Another benefit to utilizing rubber that often goes unappreciated is the ability for rubber hose to be made from recycled and natural sources. This makes them some of the most environmentally friendly flexible hose products on the market. What’s more, the rubber of recycled ducting is easy to dispose of, and can used to make even more lengths of rubber ducting, keeping the eco-conscious cycle of conservation going in perpetuity. This is a benefit anyone can appreciate.

Both version of rubber ducting are available in a variety of wall thickness. This allows the operators to choose between the more flexible thin walled products or the more wear-resistant thick-walled ducting. Rubber is also an affordable choice as well as a durable option. When compared to polyurethanes or PVC products, this variety of hose offers a middle ground between durability and costs!

At, we offer a wide selection of rubber ducting products to meet your ducting needs. Whether you need a hose to for yard work or a heavy-duty hose to transfer materials in a large diameter hose, we have a product that suits your needs. Whether you need a hose for collecting leaves and litter, or a heavy-duty hose to transfer materials, we have a product that will suit your needs.