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In addition, many types of silicone hoses are incredibly strong and feature a double-ply construction that makes it difficult for even the most damaging kinds of abrasives to puncture or tear the hose. Furthermore, its longevity and resilience makes silicone ducting ideal for long-term installations and sensitive areas where immediate repair and maintenance may not always be possible.

For consumers who need constant, consistent airflow through their flexible ductwork, silicone hoses are a godsend. Their anti-kinking properties prevent the hose material from becoming twisted upon itself, or with other lengths of duct. This feature helps to additionally prevent the formation of clots and blockages within your lengths of silicone hose, rending them fully capable of delivering the constant and reliable airflow that you need. Anti-kinking properties additionally serve to ensure the longevity of your ducts but allowing them to remain undamaged and functional.

Our silicone hoses are available in a variety of grades to suit the needs of various types of applications for light-duty ambient air transfer to heavy-duty chemical exhaust systems. To adjust the product to accommodate your application’s demands, these silicone ducting products are available in a wide range of wall thicknesses to allow you get the most economically efficient option to match your needs. Generally, the more wall thickness silicone hoses have, the less flexible they will be overall. For that reason, it is important to look closely at the specifications of each kind of silicone ducting you seek to use to see if it matches with your specific situation’s needs. In addition to different grades and wall thickness, this high temperature tubing is also available with insulation and hose end-cuffs!

With the cuff attachments you can easily attach the silicone ducting to connection points, allowing you to connect several hoses together and directly to devices requiring the transportation of air and fumes. To prevent flex fatigue, which occurs when a hose loses its firmness after being bent continuously, we offer silicone ducting made with Nomex material. The Nomex material is known for extreme flexibility characteristics as well as its great resistance to high temperature situations making it a great addition to your ducting applications that require a hose that will be continuously bent and maneuvered through high temperature working environments. Nomex is just one material among many that go into silicone hose to make it a truly versatile and high-performance product.

At, we have a detailed online catalog with all of our high temperature silicone tubing products. The catalog provides you with a detailed description and pictures of the ducting for your shopping convenience. Getting the best silicone hoses for your specific situation is something we know is important to you. So, do not hesitate, call one of our ducting specialists for assistance with your order today!