Stainless Hose

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Further facilitating their use in virtually whatever ducting application you have at hand, our stainless hose is offered in a variety of different diameters and lengths. No matter the size or needs of your unique steel ductwork situation, we are almost certain to have the right products in stock for you.

Another standout feature of our stainless steel ductwork products is their semi-rigid design. Since stainless steel is inherently resistant to abrasives and material handling damages, it only makes sense that it is regularly utilized as reinforced hose. The semi-rigid design makes these products self-supporting ducting, which is essential for ducting applications that require extra durability and stability. With a flexible steel hose you can bend the stainless hose in any direction that the application demands and the hose will remain in place without the need of an additional support system. This feature makes flexible steel hose an economically efficient choice for heavy-duty applications, while at the same time saving you a great amount of space and effort. Additionally, the fact that self-supporting ducting can be manipulated and put into position by hand means that you do not need potentially costly additive products to create turns, bends, or shapes in your collection duct.

Stainless steel is also known for its ability to resist the corrosive properties of many harsh chemicals. Our stainless hose ducting is extremely resistant to the types of chemicals frequently used in exhaust expulsion applications. Unlike other fabric and rubber ducting products, our stainless steel self-supporting ducting is extra durable to high-temperatures and corrosive chemicals without sacrificing the flexibility demanded by many heavy-duty exhaust fume applications. Because of its longevity and innate damage resistance, stainless hose can be incorporated in a variety of sensitive applications or in places where access for regular maintenance or replacement would be difficult (such as in ceilings or underground conduits). What’s more, the plain cut ends inherent to most of our flexible steel hose means that they can be easily and safely connected with other ducts of similar size, facilitating use in a plethora of different situations.

You can see all of our stainless steel products on our online catalog. Our catalog separates our steel ducting products by applicable applications so you can easily find the products suited for your needs and read detailed descriptions to see if it is the right tool for you. In addition, our accessory products specifically designed for use with stainless hose can be found in the same catalog, allowing you to clearly see which products work best with each other. To get the perfect product for your needs, feel free to call one of our ducting specialists for assistance on your order today!