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Teflon, also known scientifically by its chemical make up as Polytetraflouoroethylene, is made up of Carbon and Fluorine atoms, categorizing it as Fluorocarbon. The strength of these Carbon-Fluorine bonds is what lends Teflon its excellent chemical resistanct and hydrophobic properties. Hydrophobic materials are unable to be “wetted” by anything containing water.

Though less affordable than other options, this particular material offers an outstanding resistance to a huge variety of chemicals. This trait doesn’t just make a Teflon flexible hose highly durable, it also makes it excellent for use in applications where the purity of the fumes passing through it must be maintained. Due to the material’s non-reactive molecular structure, a Teflon hose can be used for extremely precise fume transfer such as in pharmaceutical applications or even more abrasive situations like pollution control. The malleability of the material also allows for a number of available Teflon flexible hose sizes, which paired with its wide range of use within different temperatures, makes this a highly efficient, durable, and functional product. Whether it is used as fan duct, transit hose, or collection piping, Teflon hose excels at providing a safe and secure conduit for fumes, aerosols, and gases of all types. Furthermore, Teflon round ductwork is often purchased in a variety of different diameter sizes and in a variety of lengths for use in virtually any situation or environment imaginable.

Despite its high-performance qualities and dependability, Teflon hose often needs to be outfitted with specialized round ductwork accessories for maximum efficiency. Hose manufacturers know that, by providing you with the materials to fully make the most of your Teflon hose, you will be more successful in your ducting endeavors. For instance, if you should need to connect two lengths of flexible hose with two distinct diameters you can utilize a specialized reducing or enlarging cuff end to make an airtight connection.

The chemicals that a Teflon hose is resistant to includes several caustic acids that would destroy almost any other hose quickly. Teflon is so chemically non-reactive, it is used to store acids such as hydrofluoric acid and fluoroantimonic acid—a “superacid”, defined as an acid with an acidity that is greater than 100% of pure sulfuric acid. Of course, specific chemical resistance requirements should always be verified before choosing a Teflon flexible Hose to ensure compatibility. We offer a convenient chemical resistance chart that includes many commonly encountered chemicals, with specific ratings (A to D) so it is easy to pick out the appropriate hose for specific applications. This form can easily be viewed as a PDF from the “Hose Downloads” link, found on at the bottom of any webpage.

Teflon hose is one of the most reliable and versatile products on the market. We know how important quality and cost-efficiency are to you – the consumer- and getting you the most value for your dollar is what we pride ourselves on. So, if we can better help you choose the proper hose, whether it is a Teflon hose or not, please contact our customer service staff at 1-800-370-9152.