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We offer marine ducting products made of durable polyethylene hose materials. Polyethylene is an ultra-durable plastic that allows these boat ventilation hoses to efficiently transfer large amounts of airflow. In addition to excellent airflow, these ducting products exhibit excellent resistance to the mixture of the elements and engine exhaust fumes. Flexible ducting and hose must be durable and dependable when used on seafaring vessels. Just think of the potential damage that could result to a marine exhaust system should a leak occur due to accidental punctures or tears in the ducting. For this reason, ensuring at all times that your lengths of marine ducting are maintained is paramount.

Due to the unpredictable nature of ocean waves and weather conditions, it is essential that boat ventilation hoses are flexible, so that they can move along with the boat without being damaged by high amounts of movement. An added benefit of the polyethylene material used for this marine ducting is that they retain their flexibility within a large temperature range. Our boat ventilation hoses have a temperature operating range of -40 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit. This wide temperature range is important because it allows the flexible ducting to maintain its durability and flexibility when exposed to the low temperatures of the ocean water and the high temperatures created by the engine exhaust fumes.

Another reason marine exhaust ducts must be flexible is because of the minimal space available on a watercraft for ventilation tubing. Not only do these polyethylene hoses offer excellent flexibility demanded by the tight spaces, they also have tight bending characteristics, as well as crush and abrasion resistance. This means that you may maneuver the ducting between other parts of the marine exhaust system without damaging the exterior of the flexible ducting or endangering the airflow of the interior. The compressibility of our flex ducts also means that spare or backup lengths of ducting can be stored comfortably and safely while taking up as little space as possible in the tight quarters of your ship or boat.

Furthermore, you should take comfort in the fact that we have available for purchase a wide assortment of flexible ducting accessories for your unconventional flex duct needs. Enlarging and reducing cuffs are just two examples of the various accoutrements possible to outfit your marine exhaust systems with, as they help connect lengths of flexible hose that might otherwise be incompatible. Additionally, bridge and screw clamp connectors are popular accessories designed for the purpose of cinching together duct cuffs for a firm and secure connection. These clamps can help to extend the length of all manner of flexible ducting enabling greater usability and marine exhaust system security. offers the ducting tools necessary for an efficient marine engine exhaust system. Browse through our detailed online category today to find the right ducting product to meet your applications needs. Ensuring a quality marine exhaust system is one area where you do not want to skimp out on. Having the right kind of boat ventilation hoses on your vessel can mean the difference between a successful, safe, and fun ship, and one that is unpleasant, unsafe, and hazardous to the environment. Give one of our ducting experts a call today for assistance on which of our products will best meet your requirements!