Mine Ventilation

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If there is one ducting application where reliable flexible hoses are critical, it is in the application of mine ventilation. Without proper gas exchange taking places, mines are unsafe and cannot be used for their intended purposes. A powerful and efficient primary ventilation system is essential to maintaining high-quality airflow in a mineshaft. To ensure that a strong airflow is accomplished, it is important to use durable and large diameter mining hoses. We offer several options of large diameter mine ducting that allow large amounts of air to flow from powerful ventilation fans. For heavy-duty air transportation, several of our mining hoses are available in custom diameter sizes up to 60 inch ID. These extreme sizes of flexible hose help to transport air oxygen into even the deepest parts of a mine, while simultaneously removing carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses to the surface.

It is not only important that mine ventilation transfer in a healthy air supply, but the ventilation must also be able to control the air temperatures within the mine. Our mine ducting products work well with mine ventilation heat systems because they feature a wide temperature range. Whether it coal, iron, or silver, temperature extremes are not uncommon to mines of all types. For that reason, our mine ducting includes hose with temperature ranges from a low of -50 to a high of 285 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it suitable for both the low temperatures of mine shafts and the high-temperature heating requirements of maintaining suitable work temperatures.

It should go without saying just how important reinforced hose is in heavy duty hose applications. Many flexible hoses need to be sturdy and resilient so that their precious contents are not leaked into the surrounding area. The harsh environment of mine ventilation requires durable and flexible hoses to keep a steady airflow, while moving and turning with the contour of the facility. Mine ducting airflow can be severely jeopardized if the ducting is punctured by abrasive material like rocks. For durability and protection from rocks and other harsh materials, many of our mining hoses are reinforced and include a wear strip.

A fled ducts’s external wearstrip allows the ducting to be dragged across the floor and walls of the mineshaft without damaging the hose exterior. Several of our products are also manufactured with materials that meet NFPA 701 standards, enabling them to pass fire code safety requirements. Fire retardant properties are essential components of mine ventilation ducts; it is not hard to imagine the damage the unintended fires can cause to complex mine ducting systems.

As with other types of flexible hoses, mine ventilation ducts can be outfitted with an assortment of devices and attachments to facilitate ease of use and reliability. J-lock connectors are one example of a popular device utilized to connect two separate lengths of flexible hose to ensure maximum connection security. This is an important feature for products such as mining hoses, where maintaining connectivity and interior air integrity is vital.

Our online catalog features detailed descriptions of all our mine ducting products, from our extremely durable Neoprene ducting to our compressible and cost efficient PVC flexible hoses. It is critical for mine owners and mining companies to utilize the right type of ducting for their situation. In order to make the best selection of mine ventilation that suits you, browse through our selection today to find the product that best meets your mining application needs or call one of our ducting specialists for assistance today!