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Paint booth ducts are most successful when they utilized in conjunction with well-ventilated paint booths, as this ensure safety for you and your employees. Local exhaust ventilation systems remove chemicals and other contaminants at their source. These systems are recommended for controlling hazardous vapors because, when designed properly, they remove the vapors before workers are exposed to them. Larger hoses allow for a strong flow of fresh air to come into the paint room from an outside source while expelling the paint fumes to protect the health of workers inside the paint room. Not only are our flexible hoses excellent at maintaining a high-quality air supply within the paint booth, but these paint spray hose hoses are also made of materials to protect themselves from the paint chemicals.

We offer paint booth ventilation hoses made out of chemically resistant materials to ensure that your purchase is a long-term cost effective investment. In addition to sophisticated and highly chemical resistant flex ducts, we offer more affordable options which will have effective chemical resistance. Several of our paint booth ducts are constructed with thermoplastic rubbers and neoprene materials, which give them excellent resistance to the chemicals found within paint. An added benefit of our thermoplastic and Neoprene products is that they are made of materials that are listed as UL 94V-0 flame retardant. Many types of paint booth ducts are additionally outfitted with wear strips to absorb and reduce the amount of damage taken along the length of the hoses while in use. It only makes sense to protect your lengths of paint booth ducts as much as possible to prevent untoward rips and losses of efficiency and air transportation ability.

For applications that demand a flexible hose, we also provide several products made of flexible materials without sacrificing their chemical resistance. Our polyester and polyurethane paint spray hoses yield excellent flexibility for applications that requires you to maneuver the hose through tight spaces, without cutting off the necessary airflow. Neoprene/polyester ducting also features great compressibility, which allows for easy disassembly and storage. This innate flexibility of paint spray hoses allows them to be instrumental in covering hard-to-reach areas.

Just as paint booth ducts themselves come in an impressive variety, so, too, do the range of accessories with which they can be equipped with. Interchangeable nozzles and dispensers are examples of products that can be used to specifically tailor your paint booth ducts to individual, specific spraying tasks.

With the large diversity in paint booth ventilation systems comes the need for a wide range of ducting products to meet the demands of these necessary systems. Getting you matched with right kind of paint booth ducts, in the right sizes, is our chief concern. features a detailed catalog of all our paint spray hoses for your shopping convenience. Find the tool you need today on our online storefront or call one of our ducting specialists for direct assistance today!