Semi-Rigid Ducting

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For applications that require resistance to high temperatures, we have several metal semi-rigid ducting products. We feature an aluminum self-supporting hose that can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and our two stainless steel options can withstand temperatures from 800 to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit, depending of the grade of ducting. These are great economical choices for applications involving large volumes of high temperature air and fumes. The metal semi-rigid hose is also resistant to the damage caused by weathering and chemical fumes. Most flex ducting systems are very susceptible to breakage and puncture, both of which can lead to a dramatic loss in performance for your ducting applications. Thankfully, metal semi-rigid ducting is designed to bear all types of abuse while delivering constant performance and longevity.

In addition to our metal ductwork, features PVC semi-rigid hose that is designed for heavy-duty applications which require high chemical resistance without the high temperature resistance. One area where semi-rigid ducting exemplifies this chemical resistance is in care exhaust systems. Hydrocarbons and other damaging fumes such as sulfur dioxide can severely hamper the ability of duct works to function. By abating the damaging effects of these chemicals, semi-rigid ducting is a prime material for use in car exhaust and fume control systems. What’s more, this ductwork is extremely flexible and adjustable by hand to meet the flexibility demands of your applications. The PVC material has the added benefit of being able to be reshaped and spliced together with other flexible duct hoses without the need of being cut.

As with any type of hose material, it is essential that you purchase the right kind of semi-rigid ducting for your unique situation. There is, for example, quite a difference in the ways in which PVC semi rigid hose can be used versus ducts made from stainless steel. The success and performance of your ducting system relies –at least in large part- on the specific type of self-supporting hose that you use. That is why it is critical that you do your homework. Check our online catalog for detailed descriptions of all our semi-rigid ducting. On you will find all the specific characteristics of each self-supporting hose so you may find the perfect ducts for your applications. For assistance on which product is perfect your job’s requirements, give one of our ducting specialists a call today at 1-800-370-9152.