Server Room Cooling

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If installing an entire server room HVAC system is not practical for your situation, another popular server room cooling solution is to install a portable air conditioning unit near your servers, as well as increase the ventilation present in your room. Though they (perhaps obviously) require much less in general, portable air conditioning units require specific types of flexible ducting just like full HVAC systems, however. For this reason, even if you decide to utilize a portable air conditioning unit for your server room cooling needs, it is still a good idea to be aware of the types of duct material out there for your use.

Our CPU ducting products are our most cost effective hosing products made of polyester and coated in PVC. These server room HVAC hoses are extremely light-weight and compressible, allowing you to easily maneuver and place them in an optimum position without getting tangled into your CPU and network cables. These ducts also feature an external wear strip that protects the hose from being damaged when you move the hose along the server room. Keeping you server room chilled is vital, and needs to be maintained at all time; unintended rips and drops in cable duct cooling performance can cause serious problems for your IT systems. Always make sure the exteriors of your server room cooling ducts are protected to facilitate maximum cooling quality. These polyester hoses also feature the temperature capabilities necessary for server room cooling.

PVC vinyl is one increasingly popular material from which server room cooling ducts have been made of. Dispossessed with high degrees of chill and heat resistance, as well as their capability to resist abrasion damage, PVC is utilized in server room cooling applications throughout the world. It also functions remarkably well as flexible ductwork, as it is extremely easy to bend and manipulate into position, in addition to being highly compressible (a feature that allows flex ducts made from PVC/vinyl to be transported and stowed with ease).

Along with their excellent durability, these ducting products are excellent in filtering both the cool and hot air necessary to keep the CPU temperatures at a minimum. These products offer a temperature range as low as -65 degrees Fahrenheit to cool down large server rooms while more cost effective options have a low of -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only do you need to bring in cool air to maintain a low server room temperature, but you must also ventilate the hot air created by the CPUs. Our CPU ducting products handle a high temperature range of 180 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. We offer many products to accommodate the specific needs of the size of your server room. Different types of server room cooling ducts have different levels of temperature resistance, however, so be sure to check the compatibility of different materials’ resistances with the needs of your sever room or IT facility before you buy.

Take a look at our detailed catalog of server room cooling ducts to find the product that meets the demands of the size of your server room and the number of CPUs it contains. Buying the right types of server room cooling system can be at times confusing, so if you have any questions call one of our ducting specialists for assistance today!