Anti-Static Hoses

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Along with the ability to prevent static build-up, our static dissipative hose is also extremely durable. Our conductive flex duct products are made of either polyurethane or double-ply neoprene to provide excellent resistance to outside abrasions. The anti-friction properties of neoprene and polyurethane provide a tough surface, minimizing the potential static buildup in the flex duct greatly, while being surable. Compare this to metal conductive hose such as aluminum or stainless steels, materials which are more prone to generating static accumulation. The durable materials used for these anti-static hoses also provide them with superior chemical resistance. The durability and resistance to abrasive chemicals and materials make this flexible ductwork a great long-term investment.

Because grounding is essential in utilizing the anti-static features of this product, it is also important that a hose be flexible. Our static dissipative hose have the flexibility you need to keep the flex duct grounded and reach the materials necessary without sacrificing their air-flow or creating static build up. The versatility of these duct materials make them a great choice for a wide range of applications where static build up would occur when picking up materials like wood chips and dusts. Aluminum shavings –small bits of loose metal – can be especially problematic, especially when using aluminum, stainless steel, or other metal duct materials.

Our online catalog of anti-static hoses features detailed descriptions of the ducting materials for your convenience. Order online today or call one of our ducting specialists to assist you with your order. It might not be readily apparent to you, the consumer, at first which type of conductive hose best suits your static dissipative hose needs. For that reasons, we recommend getting in contact with our staff when it comes to answering your flex duct questions!