Drain Ducts

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Polyethylene’s hoses are weatherproof, have good low temperature durability, are flexible, and most importantly are very affordable. Due to the low water absorption rate they exhibit, they make for excellent hose products in applications where moisture is present. To meet a wide range of application demands, we offer a wide selection of diameter sizes for our drain duct hose products. We offer drain ducts from 1.25 inches ID up to 4 inches ID for jobs that require the movement of high volumes of liquids. The polyurethane materials also allow the ducting materials to operate at a wide temperature range without losing its structural integrity. This line of flexible drain hose is capable of operating at sub-zero temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

PVC is another material that is frequently utilized as flex ductwork for drain pipes. Utilized in filtration and light pumping systems, PVC is a product of choice because of its innate material strength and its ability to be modified with attaching joints to create turns, bends, and dips. Flexible drain hose made from PVC is a cost effective option that is usually offered in commercial and residential specific increments with a wide range of internal diameters. The resistant and weatherproof aspects of these drain ducts mean that they can be used both indoors and outdoors to great effect.

A primary application of drain duct hose is as a transfer debris and moisture running from starting points to storage basins (or simply into the ground). In the worst of cases –should a space be lacking in sufficient drain ducts- it is possible that fallow moisture and sludge could cause structural problems.

Drain ducts are also widely utilized in in commercial kitchens and other areas where large amounts of moisture are generated in short periods of time. Flexible drain hose is often used to transport dish water from sinks to catchment basins and sewer lines. Depending on the size of the kitchen in question, this can be a work intensive enterprise, with many gallons of water being transported through the drain ducts per day.

A third –and perhaps not readily obvious- application for drain ducts is in pool water filtration and circulation systems. Pools (especially freshwater ones) require complex systems of catchment, filtration, and chemical dispersal in order to continue operating in a safe and enjoyable manner. This is where the great chemical resistance properties of polyethylene come into play stupendously, as the flex hoses work to easily resist the potentially corrosive properties of concentrated chlorine.

From pool drainage systems to wet and dry vacuum applications, we offer the perfect drain duct hose materials to fit the requirements of the job. Additionally, we also have in stock a variety of different ducting accessories that can aid you in all your flex duct fitting situations. Check our online catalog of drain ducts to find the product with the characteristics that best match your application’s needs. It is important that, no matter what you application of choice, you make sure you have the correct kid of flexible drain hose installed. If you want to do your part in ensuring you have the right duct hoses for your situation, give one of our ducting experts a call today for assistance on which of our products will best meet your needs!