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One of the most frequent causes of a low airflow with dryer ducts is kinking within the dryer duct hose that results from the bending of the flexible duct which can cause an interruption to the movement of air and materials. The sudden stop of airflow also leads to a build-up of materials like lint that accumulate in the kinks of the hose. Many of our flexible dryer hose products are non-kinking, allowing you to bend the dryer duct hose without causing any restrictive kinks. A kink free hose is ideal for dryer applications because it prevents flammable materials like lint from building up within the ducting, this reduces the risk of potentially devastating fires.

An added benefit of anti-kinking properties is that, by preventing the buildup and accumulation of clogging refuse, the dryer ducts are better able to ventilate and pass air without impediment. We know having efficient and effective lengths of flexible dryer hose is critical otherwise – what’s the point? That is why we strive to provide you –the consumer- with the right kind of reliable, high-quality flexible dryer hose for your needs.

To meet the needs of different industrial dryer applications, we offer a wide range of high temperature dryer ducts. Our products offer a high temperature range of 325 degrees Fahrenheit for our acrylic polyester products, which are more cost effective for lower temperature applications, and up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit for our high temperature resistant silicone products. With our selection of products you can find the flexible dryer hose that meets the temperature needs of your application, whether it is an in home dryer system or an industrial system that produces greater amounts of heat.

When it comes to the potential range of applications for round ductwork such as dryer ducts, the sheer scale of their implementation might not be obvious to you at first. Consider the following: it is estimated by IBISWorld that there are more than 21,000 laundry facilities in the United States alone –when you factor in the sheer millions of private drying machines in residence everywhere it is clear to see that the demand for quality dryer ducts is not going away any time soon.

For the convenience of our customers, we offer many kinds of accessories for our dryer ducts that can greatly increase their performance in a variety of scenarios. Bridge and screw clamp connectors are two very popular kinds of attachments that can be used to firmly connect lengths of dryer duct hose to other round ductwork or to the dryers and ventilation outlets themselves. Additionally, reducing and enlarging connectors are a common sight among all kinds of commercial duct. These accessories facilitate ease of connecting between ducts of varying sizes. This wide assortment of accessories just goes to show how important dryer ducts are to our modern world.

Take a look at our detailed online catalog of dryer vent ducting products today. In our catalog you will find details about the construction materials, temperature range, size availability, and even pictures of the product. We know that selecting the perfect kind of dryer ducts for your unique situation is important, so if you need assistance on deciding which of our products is right for your applications, give one of our ducting specialists a call today!