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For smaller ventilation systems you need a duct cleaning hose that is small enough to reach into those tight spaces so that any pollutants inside can be cleaned out. We offer several duct cleaning equipment hoses with small inside diameters that can reach into those hard to reach vents and collect the small materials that may be building up inside the vent. These small duct cleaner hose products are designed to reach into these tight spaces without being damaged by the movement so their airflow will not be compromised. For instance, PVC duct cleaning hose can be purchased in a range of different lengths with a variety of differing interior diameter sizes, enabling them to be used in a plethora of unique ducting situations. Additionally, since the wall thickness of this kind of cleaner hose can be very thin, it is very easy for these flex ducts to fit into virtually all kinds of pipe, no matter the size.

Ducting systems that are designed with many tight corners and turns require duct cleaning equipment that features the flexibility necessary to maneuver through these tight spaces. For these types of applications, we offer duct cleaner hose products that are made of lightweight PVC. The lightweight construction of the duct cleaner hose allows them to move deep into the corners of a ventilation system to provide a thorough and efficient cleaning.

While the small and flexible cleaner hose line are great for those tight ventilation systems, larger ventilation ducts are prone to collecting larger pollutants, which requires heavy-duty duct cleaning equipment. For these more demanding environments, we offer duct cleaning hose made of polyester double-ply neoprene and polyurethane. These cleaner hoses are designed to go deep into the ventilation system and collect large amounts of pollutant build up while maintaining integrity over the long-haul. Polyurethane flex ducts are another type of hose that possess a high degree of bendability. Their lightweight construction additionally allows them to be manipulated and handled by the layperson just as easily as the professional. Furthermore, to its credit, polyurethane duct cleaning hose has a higher temperature resistance than PVC, meaning that it is better to withstand continued operation over long periods of time in enclosed, potentially hot, spaces. Polyurethane is also specifically constructed to be resistant to the eventual wear and tear caused by abrasive materials over time.

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