Food Grade Hose

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In addition if the products being moved are abrasive, we have a wide variety of wear-resistant duct hose options. Since the whole purpose of using food grade hoses is to maintain a secure environment for the transportation of consumables, it only makes sense that tears, rips, and cuts caused by abrasives need to be mitigated as much as possible –using abrasive resistant types of flex ducting is an excellent way to achieve this goal. Also, several of our duct hose products come with a clear wall. The benefit of these transparent ducts is that if materials clog-up within the duct hose, it can easily be spotted.

For applications that require your food grade hoses to be exposed to a diverse range of temperatures, our polyester and thermoplastic ducting offers excellent temperature resistance. Our thermoplastic products feature great resistance to both cold and hot temperatures, capable of withstanding low temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit and high temperatures of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Our acrylic polyester hose is our most heat-resistant FDA approved duct that we have to offer, and it can withstand temperatures up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

When transferring materials, it is possible for static build up to occur which can be potentially dangerous to workers’ safety and work materials. This is a side effect that not many consider when purchasing lengths of food grade hoses. Despite that, it is a problem that must be dealt with. When too much static builds up within a hose it can cause sparks that may potentially cause an explosion. For applications involving such materials, we offer a static dissipative hose that prevents the build up of static electricity. These static dissipative food grade hoses allow you to run a safe and efficient ducting system when working with materials that are likely to create static charge. Static charges can be extremely hazardous not only for their ability to transfer electrical discharge, but also because of the risk of fire they present. Imagine that you are using a length of flex ducting that becomes congested with flammable material – one unfortunate static charge could turn said inconvenient clog into a raging fire.

We know that the ducting needs of our consumers are varied and vastly unique from one to the next. For this reason, we offer an impressive assortment of accessories and attachments for your segments of food grade hoses. Enlarged and reducer cuffs are two of our most popular accessory products that allow your lengths of FDA approved hose to become easily attached to one another or to other outlets. Furthermore, bridge and screw cuff ends that create more permanent and sturdy means of affixture are also available for purchase. No matter the needs of your flexible ductwork, we are virtually assured to have the product for you.

Food grade hoses’ ability to ensure safe and sterile transfer of food, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive materials is highly prized by business owners and consumers both. Our entire inventory of FDA approved hose is available to see in detail on Our online catalog provides detailed descriptions and pictures of all our FDA approved ducts for your viewing convenience. For additional assistance, our ducting specialists are available to call today!