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Meet the Ducting.com Staff

Here at Ducting.com, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business when it comes to customer satisfaction and service. Our expert staff realize that each and every customer is important, and we constantly strive to improve our business by asking for your valuable feedback. Our staff our fully trained on our industrial hose line and can discuss the scope of the duct hose line with confidence. You are not calling outsourced customer care, you are calling Rubber-Cal staff in Orange County, California. Our staff can help with your requirements whether it is material collection duct, dust transfer hose, or for a smoke hose we will try and educate you on our products and allow you to make the final decision.

Ducting.com staff are always eager and willing to offer support and advice, and we give the same enthusiasm and effort to making sure that you find the right duct hose for every application, from air ventilation to exhaust transfer and beyond.

We are always looking to provide answers to your flexible industrial hose questions and solve issues as they arise. Please contact us any time during our regular business hours! Whether you pick up the phone and give us a call or send us an email with your questions, we are always happy to help you fulfill your flexible ducting needs.

Name: Joshua Krueger
Email: josh@rubbercal.com
Position: Technical Sales Manager/Customer Service
Education: BA in History, 2004 - California State University Fullerton

Josh has been with Rubber-Cal since 2006. He has been one of the major reasons for the company’s continued growth, working in sales, marketing, and now leading the company’s sales staff. Josh is the go-to expert when a hose project has a technical or complex framework. Josh has a wide variety of hobbies, from the Warrior Dash obstacle race, to bar trivia, to video games like Diablo III. He loves figuring out how things work, so he enjoys putting things together and taking them apart, which sometimes gets him into trouble with computers, woodworking, and home improvement projects. He is a devout USC football fan, and is happily married. Expect to see Josh at our next trade event!
Favorite Flex Hose or Ducting and Why? If there is a category of products that are his favorite it would have to be woodworking dust collection hoses. Josh is an avid poker player and has built custom tables from the ground up on a few occasions! “I think our Urethane-Flex and Thermoplastic Flex offer so many flexible hose options that they can be the answer to most applications. Whether it be woodworking, portable air conditioners, moving steam, or just using the hose to blow ambient air. Clients have the ability to adapt their budget to a duct hose that will work for them.”

Name: Matt Figroid
Email: matt@rubbercal.com
Position: Senior Sales Associate
Education: BA in Business Administration 1995

Matt has been with Rubber-Cal since 2008. He is a trove of technical knowledge about our ducting products. Matt is an expert at pairing customers up with the right product for their applications. Matt is an interesting guy to get to know. His desk is the office’s unofficial library, flanked by a mountain of books. He is a very avid reader, reading a count of 50-80 books per year. When he is not reading, Matt likes to hang out with his buddies over a beer at his favorite local bar. He is also enthusiastic about photography and particularly fond of taking pictures of the various places he happens to go to.
Favorite Flex Hose or Ducting and Why? "Probably the ‘Neoprene Flex 1-Ply’. It’s just very versatile. It can transfer a lot of different materials. That is why I usually recommend it."

Name: Sean Dhaliwal
Email: sean@rubbercal.com
Position: Sales Associate
Education: BA in English, 2013 - California State University Fullerton

Sean has been with the company since 2013. He is the point man for the company's content and marketing divisions. He has a talent for helping people find the right ducting products for the job, especially when tight budgets are involved! When he's in his natural habitat outside the office, he can be found rewriting history in complicated strategy games like Crusader Kings 2 and Hearts of Iron 4 while sipping on some crazy new bourbon that caught his eye at the store. Adding to his lists of gaming expertise, you can also find him dominating Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty. As a natural history buff, he shares and discusses his knowledge with co-wokers’ and friends in a comical and teachable way. In addition to these hobbies, it is easy to find him rocking away at hardcore rock festivals and catching up on the latest interesting podcasts of anything and everything!
It is safe to say that those at and outside of Rubber-Cal look to his expertise in not only Rubber-Cal products, but in other knowledgeable aspects as well.
Favorite Flex Hose or Ducting and Why? "PVC Flex General Purpose Blue – It’s a great multi-purpose hose that gives you a lot of bang for a minimal amount of buck. Plus, the blue wall color is super cool."

Name: Tina Khuu
Email: tina@rubbercal.com
Position: Sales Associate
Education: Masters in English, 2013 - University of California, Irvine

Tina Khuu is our online sales representative for ducting.com. She handles all of our written inquiries submitted through our website. Beginning her work at Rubber-Cal in February 2017, she began as a Data Entry employee, but stepped up to take on a sales role when presented with the opportunity. As far as hobbies go, Tina Khuu is an avid Harry Potter fan, and would match wits with anyone who claims to know more. Also, best to note that she is a die-hard fan of the NFL, specifically the San Diego- Los Angeles Chargers and is a True Crime reader. She also enjoys creative writing, and various other fine arts in her free time.
Tina Khuu is an animal lover, specifically dogs and orcas. Above all else, she values family, who has taught her to speak many dialects of Chinese, as well as some Vietnamese.
Favorite Flex Hose or Ducting and Why? "Acrylic Flex 325 Pharma - Made from FDA acceptable materials, this ducting flexible hose is a wonderful application for those in the pharmaceutical industries, and also for many other versatile utilizations."