High Temperature

Steam and its Physical Properties

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Steam is one of the most common and easy to produce sources of energy known to man. It is a semi-invisible gas that is created when water is heated to its boiling point. When this occurs, water will vaporize and turn its physical state from a liquid form to a gas form. This gaseous form is called steam. Steam is actually the technical term for water vapor. It has many useful properties. It helped drive industrialization during the 18th and 19th centuries. The steam engine was one of the most important technological innovations of the 1800’s!

Today, steam is now used mostly for heating applications in industrial settings. It is used as a source for both direct and indirect heat. Steam is a very hot gas. Water will boil and form steam at 212° F, but even after the steam has formed, it’s temperature can still increase. It is for this reason many industries use hot air hoses in order to harness the properties of steam, whether it is for hot air transfer or outright steam removal . You can see hot air collector hoses using steam for industrial applications such as heating, sterilization, propulsion, atomization, cleaning, and humidification.

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When it comes to heating applications, steam is used in refineries, chemical plants, and food processing. Steam is used as a source of heat. In these settings, hot air transfer is part of what allows the proper functioning of the application. The heat is essential for places like an industrial refinery or a chemical plant. In food processing facilities, hot air hoses are used to channel high temperature steam for sterilization purposes as high levels of heat are known to kill bacteria and other contaminants.

Steam is regularly used for propulsion applications. Energy is essentially heat in motion. Since steam is a high temperature gas, it is a form of energy. A hot air collector hose helps to move steam from one area to another, creating motion in the steam’s heat particles that contributes to the formation of energy. This is also known as a “driving force”. Great examples of this application are steam engines and steam turbines.

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Steam is often used in applications where fluids need to be separated. This process is called steam atomization and is typically found in boilers and generators that use fuel oil. Through the use of hot air hoses or other specialized mechanical equipment, steam can be injected into fuel in order maximize combustion efficiency while minimizing the output of hydrocarbon byproducts like soot. Steam has the ability to break up viscous oil into smaller droplets that are easier to manage.

Since steam is made from water, it only makes sense that it can be employed as a moisturizing agent. It used for exactly that purpose in facilities such as pellet mills. These are the places that make animal feed in pellet form. Steam is used to provide both heat and water content for the pellets being produced. The moisturizing effect of steam helps to soften the feed.

One of the most popular and widespread uses of steam is for humidification purposes. Large industrial facilities in cold climates use a type of low -pressure saturated steam as a heat source for indoor areas. Hot air hoses are used to transfer the steam within these settings. This type of application is not steam removal, but rather it is steam maintenance. The steam is used to heat cold air and humidify it before the air is distributed throughout the other regions of a building. You have most likely seen this in action if you have ever been to a rare documents archive in a library or museum as the humidified air helps to create a safe atmosphere for the delicate manuscripts.

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These applications demonstrate the value of steam to modern industry. It is a simple gas to produce, but it’s uses can be as varied and complicated as the application that it is used for. If you have an application that requires the use of steam or need help with steam removal, make sure to use hot air hoses. A hot air collector is perfect for handling steam of varying levels of high temperature.