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Wet/Dry Vac Hose

The all-purpose wet/dry vac hose is a critical component of every carpenter’s favorite appliance: the shop vac. A commercial sized vacuum capable of being utilized in a number of environments, shop vacs are prized everywhere for their capacity to absorb and store large amounts of workplace refuse and debris. To achieve their purpose fully, however, every reliable shop vac requires an equally reliable wet/dry vacuum hose; one capable of withstanding the potentially harmful impact of abrasives that could easily weaken or destroy lesser hoses. What’s more, every wet/dry vac hose worth its price will have the flexibility you –the consumer-need to reach every area of your workspace, helping you in ensuring the high degree of cleanliness you prize.

All dedicated woodworkers or machinists are not worried about generating copious amounts of dust and debris. And while making dust is always more fun than cleaning it up, cleaning doesn’t need to be an onerous task. With new shop vacuums, even the most basic models are quite capable, making the dreaded cleanup job much more convenient, effective and enjoyable. A crucial factor in this is the hose, its length, durability and ultimately its flexibility. A wet/dry vacuum hose needs to be durable to handle the debris being moved. In addition dirt and debris always make their way into hard to reach areas. This requires a hose which can flex and muscle its way into hard to reach spaces.

When considering the wet/dry vacuum hose, it is important to likewise examine the situations it is typically used in. Practically anywhere that generates any sized amount of loose fill material can benefit from incorporating a shop vac. Some of the most common are aluminum and other metal processing facilities, carpet cleaning companies, machining, woodworking studios, and tooling. These are just a few of the multitude of industries that rely on industrial shop vacs (and the accompanying wet/dry vac hose) to maintain the cleanliness and sense of security that we as a society prize in all places.

Typically, the averages wet/dry vacuum hose will be made from polyethylene, a material well suited to the demands of the environments that the wet/dry vac hose will see the most use in. Polyethylene (commonly abbreviated as PE) offers a superior combination of both crush resistance and flexibility, making it ideal as a collection duct for virtually all applications. Renowned for its toughness, polyethylene can well resist accidentally being banged around or stepped on, without losing function. Additionally, the smooth, sleek round duct design of the wet/dry vac hose helps prevent the line from clogging or becoming tangled upon itself. Because of polyethylene’s intrinsic flexibility, never worry about over bending or snapping a high-quality length of wet/dry vacuum hose. If that were not enough, PE comes with a commendable amount of weather resistance. Highly water-resistant (and capable of functioning in environments as cold as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and as hot as 140 degrees Fahrenheit), you can trust your average wet/dry vac hose in practically any situation imaginable. The toughness of the hose itself –as well as its flexibility and portability – all combine together to make shop vacs an indispensable part of almost any home, commercial, or industrial application.

Though the sizes of hoses vary from retailer to retailer, common interior diameter sizes (interior diameter being the standard metric used for measuring ducts and flex pipes), there are several sizes that are more easily found than others due to their popularity. 1.25, 1.50, 2, 2.5, 3, and 4 inch duct are the most commonly found sizing of wet/dry vac hose on the market. This is because, in general, the smaller the diameter of the duct the easier it will be to generate sufficient sucking force. Small sizes also mean low prices, which is another benefit consumers everywhere can appreciate.

For all your residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning needs, seriously consider the shop vac and its accompanying wet/dry vacuum hose; you will not be disappointed. Beloved by business and home owners everywhere, it is no surprise that shop vacs have become ubiquitous throughout the US.