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Our hoses allow you to handle difficult debris such as plaster dust, metal knockout slugs, wet sludge, and even broken glass. These are all abrasive materials that are not only inconvenient and messy, but can be downright hazardous without proper removal by well-built collection ducts. By removing the necessity of physically sweeping up said materials by hand, vacuum cleaner hoses make you cleanup experience as quick, easy, and safe as possible. In addition we offer a variety of large diameter hoses which are made for industrial & commercial vacuum applications. We offer crush resistant hoses that exhibit excellent flexing characteristics.

Our flex hoses have smooth interior that assures efficient air flow and limit clogs. Most sizes of our vacuum flex hoses can handle a full vacuum. Because certain vacuums can generate positive and negative pressures (“blowing out” versus “sucking in”), it is critical that fan ducts and vacuum cleaner hoses be able to handle both types of force.

Specifically, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ducts are another example of a material prized for its use in vacuum cleaner hoses. PVC flex ducting is especially valued because, in general, flex ducts made from PVC feature smaller, more maneuverable diameters. Smaller diameters can be beneficial to vacuum cleaner hoses, because it is generally easier to facilitate constant, strong air movement and transfer through smaller ducts as opposed to larger ones. What’s more PVC collection ducts are additionally valued because the vinyl coated spring steel wire helix of PVC ducts confers onto them a high degree of durability and strength without sacrificing bendability. Furthermore, PVC can, at times, have a temperature resistance of up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that it can function well in a variety of heat or chill sensitive areas.

We offer multiple hose-ends to satisfy a variety of applications. Poly-welded cuffs offer strength and stability when attached to a vacuum, giving the flex ducting a more permanent and sturdy hose-end. However, if you need vacuum cleaner hoses that demand mobility, screw-cuffs would be a great choice. For an economically efficient choice, screw cuffs allow you to detach the vacuum tubing and make it interchangeable with various hoses.

As a final note, consider using lengths of vacuum tubing equipped with innate “anti-kink” properties. This feature helps to reduce the risk of blockage occurring in your piping, allowing for unrestricted and uncontaminated air flow throughout your vacuum tubing systems.

Vacuum cleaners (and, of course, accompanying vacuum cleaner hoses) are some of the most ubiquitous and widely-used appliances in our modern society. To keep your vacuum cleaning applications copacetic, it is vital that you maintain you implement and maintain quality vacuum hoses. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our great online selection and find the product that is right for you. At times it can be tough to discern which type of hose is best for your situation, what size you should procure, what material, etc. – so, if you have any questions, feel free to contact any of our ducting experts directly!