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Hose Downloads

When it comes to shopping for the right ducting products, we know you need to have the most up-to-date specs and information before you buy. At Ducting.com, we want to make your shopping experience the easiest it’s ever been! We provide data downloads for all of our flexible ducts to ensure that you have complete access to all of the information you need.

You can use these data sheets to help you decide which hose you need to buy for your project, whether you are working with industrial air movement and ventilation, or searching for parts for a race car or street sweeper. At Ducting.com we offer such a wide variety of flexible ducts that it can be tough to find the one you need – especially when your needs are very specific. Specification sheets will have data on: compression ratios, minimum centerline bend radius, ID size availability, pressure ratings and more!

Let Ducting.com’s extensive online catalog and team of flex ducting experts keep you up to date! Browse our data sheet downloads, or contact our product specialists by calling us toll free at 1-800-370-9152. We are always happy to provide you with detailed specs and custom quotes.

Acrylic Flex 325
Acrylic Flex 325 Air Handler
Acrylic Flex 325 Pharma
Air Ventilator Black
Air Ventilator Heavy-Duty
Air Ventilator Insulated
Air Ventilator Orange
Air Ventilator White
Air Ventilator Yellow
Aluminum Connectors
Aluminum Flex 400
Bridge Clamps
HVAC Insulated-Flex
HVAC Ventilation-Flex
J-Lock Connectors
Klear Flex
Neo 300
Neoprene Flex - 1ply
Neoprene Flex - 2 ply
Neoprene Flex - 2 ply HD
Neoprene Flex - 2 ply WS
Neoprene Flex Conductive
Neoprene Flex Metal Free
PE Flex Commercial
PE Flex Full-Vac
PE Flex Plus
PE Flex Translucent
PE Flex Ultra Flexible
PE Flex Vaculoop
Poly Fabric Flex - 1 ply
Poly Fabric Flex - 2 ply
Poly Fabric Flex Bridge
PVC Flex Self Supporting
PVC Flex Small ID
PVC Flexduct (General Purpose) Blue
PVC Flexduct (General Purpose) Clear
PVC Flexduct ADC
PVC Flexduct Heavy-Duty
PVC Flexduct Light-Duty Blue
PVC Flexduct Light-Duty Clear
PVC Flexduct Medium-Duty
Screw Clamps
Silico-550 Double Ply
Silico-550 Insulated
Silico-550 Nomex
Silico-550 Single Ply
Silico-Fiberglass 550
Smooth-Tube PU
Smooth-Tube PVC
Smooth-Tube TPR
Speed-Flex 625
Spiral-Lock (Alum FG) 1250
Spiral-Lock (Aramid) 570
Spiral-Lock (Fiberglass) 1200
Spiral-Lock (Hypalon) 275
Spiral-Lock (Neoprene) 250
Spiral-Lock (Silicone 1P) 550
Spiral-Lock (Silicone 2P) 750
Spiral-Lock (Teflon) 500
SS-Flex 800
SSti-Flex 1650
Stainless Steel Connectors
Thermoplastic Flex Extra Light-Duty
Thermoplastic Flex Heavy-Duty
Thermoplastic Flex Light-Duty
Thermoplastic Flex Medium-Duty
Thermoplastic Flex Medium-Duty WS
Thermoplastic Flex Super Reinforced
Thermoplastic Flex White
Tornado Flex
Tornado Flex Insulated AD
Tornado-Flex In Sack
Urethane Flex (General Purpose) Black
Urethane Flex Dissipative
Urethane Flex Extra Heavy-Duty
Urethane Flex Heavy-Duty
Urethane Flex Light-Duty
Urethane Flex Medium-Duty
Urethane Flex Self Extinguishing
Urethane Flex Small ID
Wind Handler
Wind Handler Insulated TU
Wind Handler WS