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Short Length Hoses

Ducting.com provides a complete selection of affordable flex duct products and short length flex hoses for commercial and industrial applications. We know that not every project is going to require large sections of flexible hose, and we understand that you may want to purchase smaller lengths.

In addition to the standard flex hose lengths, we offer a selection of short length hoses: durable duct hose products that are cut into smaller sections for a more customized fit. Not only do we try to save you money and prevent material waste by selling our flex hoses in shorter lengths, we also make sure we stock these products in large quantity. As a result, when you buy short length hoses from Ducting.com, you are guaranteed a 24-hour turnaround following the placement of your order. This extensive line of industrial hose and flexible ducting products are designed to suit a number of important applications, including ventilation ducting, portable AC hoses, food grade hose, dust collection hose, fume exhaust ducts, wood dust collection, street sweeper hose, leaf vacuum hose, car vacuum hose, and large diameter hose up to 24-inch ID!

Here at Ducting.com, we always pride ourselves on our high quality products and quick shipping, as well as the thorough customer service we provide with the help of our expert staff. We want to give you the resources you need to purchase the right flexible ducting product at a competitive price. Feel free to browse our short length flex hoses below and click on any product to learn more about its composition and use. We provide complete data sheets for every type of duct hose, giving you a better understanding of the product even before you put it in your shopping cart and click "purchase".