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Air Ducts

Ubiquitous Parts in Home and Industry

In our daily lives is it common to see air filtration systems, which are often a necessity. Air ducts play an important role in many facets of life, from keeping a home comfortable to maintaining a safe and efficient work environment. Cooling ducts, air hoses, and heating systems come in a large variety of material composition, shapes, and sizes that will fit the needs of various needs and situations. Oftentimes the importance of these invaluable tools is overlooked.

Many of today’s modern homes come installed with cooling ducts to help maintain a comfortable living environment during blistering hot summer days and chilling winter months. Properly installed air ducts work efficiently to cool down homes and offices by evenly distributing cool and hot air produced by an air conditioning unit. However, the HVAC ducts are not only used in homes to keep air warm and cool, they also work to keep air from becoming stagnant and filtering out dirt and dust. Many air-cooling systems include air filters to remove dirt, dust, pet dander, and other pollutants from the air that people breathe. Over time, too much of these pollutants will enter the ducting and in order to maintain the clean air quality that ducting systems help produce, it is important to ensure that the space inside HVAC ducts remains clean to avoid the spread of the materials in the environment’s air supply. When too much of the dust and dirt builds up within the ducting it begins to circulate throughout the working and living space and can aggravate a person’s allergies and potentially result in respiratory illness.

While air ducts are commonly used to maintain a comfortable living and work environment, air ducting has a place in a variety of other industrial applications that present a new set of requirements. Many ducting applications are mobile applications and require ducting that can move within the job’s workspace. Some of these applications include mobile chilling devices and fumigation services that require that chemicals be spread throughout an environment, and to accomplish this, operators must use a variety of hoses to spread the fumes throughout an environment. This requires that the hoses be constructed from a material that is flexible and lightweight enough to be easily transported and positioned into the proper locations to distribute air. Also, applications such as fumigation require that the hose be made of materials that are capable of withstanding the abrasive nature of many of the harsh chemicals that may be used in the fumigation process. In stark contrast, a mobile chilling unit requires very different characteristics than fumigation. Mobile chillers require a semi-permanent installation for their machinery to transport the high amount of cool air that these applications require. The mobile chiller application is similar to the cooling of a household or workplace but must be made of a material that is more flexible yet durable enough to handle the demands of being moved between locations and endure more extreme environments.

Besides being used to spread temperate air and chemicals throughout an environment, air ducts are also used to remove polluted air when necessary. Air hoses are often used to extract harmful fumes and chemicals from a location. It is common, and often necessary, to have a ducting system in place to transport polluted air to an ambient air environment. Paint booths, for example, require that air contaminated with paint spray and dust be removed from the room and clean air be pumped back into the environment. This is necessary to protect the health of the workers and to maintain the quality of the work as it prevents dust and particles from settling on a paint surface that would ruin the smooth finish that is desired. Air hoses are also used to remove chemicals directly from the source in applications like high-temperature welding and pharmaceutical productions. In these types of applications, the ducting is often placed directly at the point where the chemical fumes are produced, preventing the hazardous chemicals from spreading through the work environment where they may create potential health complications. Air ducts are useful in a wide variety of applications because of the diversity involved in the production of all the different kinds of hoses.

We offer a wide variety of products to meet the diverse needs of applications requiring cooling ducts, heating, and air hoses. Our products come in two forms, lightweight and flexible HVAC ducts made of polyester materials, or heavy-duty stainless steel ducting options, both offering great benefits to compliment specific applications. Lightweight HVAC ducts offer excellent portability and flexibility with many hoses offering excellent compressibility to allow for transportation between different locations. These hoses are excellent for jobs that require movement between locations like construction and chemical work. These light-duty hoses are often used in applications where an environment needs to be cooled, heated, or to extract harmful chemicals from a workplace. These portable options often come installed with an additional wear strip to provide protection when being dragged across abrasive materials such as gravel and asphalt. Stainless steel ducting options are available for more demanding and heavy-duty applications. The lightweight hoses offer a cost efficient option without sacrificing excellent durability for light-duty applications that demand portability and mobility. The metal alloy options are often crush resistant and offer great heat resistance, with some products being capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Another benefit of the stainless steel options is that they feature a self-supporting structure that allows the user to bend and turn the air ducts into the desired location and it can stay in place on its own. This is especially useful in applications where the air hoses need to extract fumes from a specific point without being constantly held in place.

Air ducts are high-demand systems that have a wide variety of applications for a multitude of work fields. Air ducting is useful for everything from cooling ducts to air hoses and are available in a wide range of construction materials, shapes, and sizes to meet the needs of various applications. With the selection of the proper ducting for the situation and consistent maintenance, quality air ducts will provide excellent service for years to come.